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Hyouka Season 2: Release Date Confirmed! Finally happening After 8 Years?

Hyouka Season 2 is happening good news for fans!! Hyouka is a high school mystery anime produced by Kyoto Animations Japan. If you are an avid Manga reader who likes to explore different types of Mangas or you’re someone who loves reading mystery graphic novels and comics, you might have heard of HYOUKA. Find out the release date of Hyouka Season 2 below:

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Hyouka Season 2 has not been officially announced. However, given that the first season was popular, it is likely that a second season will be made. No release date has been announced yet. Stay tuned for more information!


If you clicked after reading the title, you know what Hyouka is. But for the 2 people who have no idea what it is, Hyouka is a high school mystery novel that revolves around the main character Oreki Hautraou San who is a grey life-loving student who doesn’t wish to have colors in his life and is okay with his tasteless life.

Hyouka Season 2: Release Date Confirmed! Finally happening After 8 Years?

“IF I DONT HAVE TO DO, I won’t. IF I HAVE TO DO IT, ILL MAKE IT QUICK.” Fans might recognize this infamous quote to be one of the most important character points for Hautraou as he doesn’t care what is going on around him as every other student in his school is busy joining different clubs and making new friends. Oreki San isn’t like most of the students as he seems to be a rather shy person who doesn’t like talking to people as he is trying to ‘conserve his energy. He believes in doing nothing if he does not have to do it and if at all he HAS to do something, he’ll find ways to make it quick. Although he is lazy and an introvert, he has excellent deduction skills.

Hyouka’s sister realizes his talent and asks him to join the Classics Club to help him solve the 45-year-long mystery revolving around the club room. The three other members of the Classics Club include the incredibly knowledgeable girl Satoshi Fukube, a very serious but humble Mayaka Ibara, and the wholesomely bubbly Eru Chitanda. This very unlikely group of friends has to solve the mystery that revolves around them in the form of an old dusty room. They have to also solve different side mysteries throughout the series. Before watching Hyouka Season 2know about Hyouka Season 1.

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Initially, Hautraou is reluctant to let himself close to the members of the Classics Club. However, he becomes more and more interested and starts taking initiative in solving the mysteries. In a rather interesting manner, his relationship with the other characters grows stronger and he realizes that he has no problem wasting his energy on them. Know more about Hyouka Season 2 below:

Hyouka Plot:

Hyouka is a mystery manga and anime created by Honobu Yonezawa. It follows the story of high school students Hotaro Oreki and Satoshi Fukube, who form the Classics Club with classmate Mayaka Ibara to solve various mysteries that come their way.
The series was adapted into an anime by Kyoto Animation during 2012-2013, which received critical acclaim for its depiction of intellectual puzzles.Hyouka Season 2: Release Date Confirmed! Finally happening After 8 Years?

“Hyouka: Plot is a light novel series written by Honobu Yonezawa. It was adapted into an anime produced by Kyoto Animation and aired from April 2012 to September of the same year. The story revolves around a boy named Houtarou who attends Kamiyama High School with his friends Satoshi and Mayaka. One day, he joins the Classic Literature Club which is in danger of disbanding due to a lack of members. There he meets Chitanda, Fukube, Ibara, and Eru who all have their unique personalities.”

Hyouka Season 2

  • Hyouka is a mystery anime that follows the story of high school students in their quest to solve mysteries
  • The first season aired from April 2012-September 2012 and was followed by two OVAs released on December 27, 2013, and March 28, 2014
  • Season 2 was released  in October 2016
  • The second season 3 will have 12 episodes with an unknown release date yet
  • There are no announcements about whether or not there will be another OVA following the second season’s release
  • If you want to watch Hyouka before it airs, Crunchyroll has all of the seasons available for streaming
  • Season 1 aired in April 2012-September 2013 and was followed by a movie, “Hyouka Movie – The Girl Who Summons the Stars”
  • There are currently no plans for season 2 but there have been hints about it on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram
  •  The director has said that he would be interested in making another season if he had enough time to work on it
  • Fans can only hope for more seasons because they want to know what happens next!
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Hyouka Season 2 Spoilers

The first season of Hyouka wraps up with major changes in the characters’ lives. The main character, Kouhou Takeda is now living life to its fullest and not making small calculations like before; this shows how he has grown as an individual since his days at school when everyone thought he was just “lazy.” When Mayaka Chinchou finally talked about her feelings for Satoshi Niijima after failed attempts throughout most episodes – we find out that they were feeling each other’s pain all along!

We all know how the story goes. There’s a lot of potentials for this anime to not only continue on but also have an exciting second season with plenty more new adventures and personality traits from each character! It would be great if you could check out my blog when it updates so we can see what happens next together (:

The final chapter closed down high school life, which means now it’s time outside the classroom- Interesting, this anime isn’t all sunshine and rainbows: the group has to part ways temporarily. A large focus of the manga readers is what’s going on with Hotaro Oreki and Eru Chitanda during their 3 years of separation. Judging from the light novel’s 1st volume, it appears that a lot goes down.

Hyouka Season 2:Possible or Not

Fans of the popular anime series Hyouka are wondering if there will be a second season of the show. The first season of Hyouka ended in September 2012, and since then, there has been no news about a possible second season. However, this does not mean that a second season is not possible. There are several factors that could contribute to the second season of Hyouka being made, such as the popularity of the show and the success of its Blu-ray/DVD release. Additionally, the manga series on which Hyouka is based is still ongoing, meaning that there is plenty of source material for another season of the anime. At this point, it is impossible to say definitively whether or not there will be a second season of Hyouka. However, given the popularity of the show and the success of its Blu-ray/DVD release, it is certainly possible that we may see a second season of Hyouka in the future.

Characters of Hyouka Season 2

  • Oreki Hautraou San
Hyouka Season 2
image courtesy of Kyoto Animation

Hautraou San is a self-centered teenager who does not care about his surroundings and has no interest in wasting his energy talking to people. As previously mentioned, one of his infamous quotes is “IF I DONT HAVE TO DO, I won’t. IF I HAVE TO DO IT, ILL MAKE IT QUICK.” He might have been true to this attitude all his life but he drops it as soon as he decides it is okay for him to waste his energy on these people. Despite being so careless about everything and everyone around him, Hautraou is very smart and intelligent and has excellent deduction skills which help him throughout the series to solve the many mysteries lying around their school.

  • Eru Chitanda
Hyouka Season 2
image courtesy of Kyoto Animation

Eru Chitanda is a refreshing charm and sweet 16-year-old girl who is known for the uniquely Purple eyes. You can always catch her with a smile on her face which might be the reason everyone is so easily attracted to her. Nobody who knows her can hate her because of who she is. For a very character-driven feel, we always see her in her school uniform. She is the only daughter of a very rich family, one of the richest in the region as claimed by Satoshi when we first meet her in the first episode of the series. She is the president of the Classic’s Club and claims she has a ‘personal reason’ for joining the club. She might not be the brightest star of the bunch but she has enough itch for mysteries to stick around and solve mysteries.

  • Satoshi Fukube
Hyouka Season 2
image courtesy of Kyoto Animation

Satoshi might be the most important member of the club for solving mysteries as well because he is immensely knowledgeable on a lot of things that matter. He is exactly the opposite of  Hautraou as he is a very cheerful and jovial person which most definitely evens out the dullness of Hautraou. He is also a member of the Student Council and the Handicrafts Club. He might be the most accurate representation of someone who regrets things after doing them.

  • Mayaka Ibara
Hyouka Season 2
image courtesy of Kyoto Animation

Mayaka treats herself and everyone around her with a lot of strictness. She enjoys reading manga and is also a key member of the Library and Manga society. One big reason why she joins the literature club is because of her interest in Fukube. Everything about her is very direct and she never usually keeps things to herself. She is also often found making nicknames for all of her friends. who will be in Hyouka Season 2 know more about it below:

Hyouka Season 2: RELEASE DATE

It has been 8 years since the first season ended on the back of September 17, 2012. Back during its initial airing, it was highly praised by fans of the manga. The series is based on the Novel of the same name written by Honobu Yonezawa. There are a total of 6 volumes 4 of which were thoroughly covered in Season 1. The Hyouka Season 2 has not been released as of now. Currently, there are plans to release the Hyouka Season 2 in 2023 but it has not been officially declared yet. The ending of the first season might have divided some fans as some think that it was the perfect ending to the series and some think there are still a lot of mysteries to be uncovered for the Classics Club’s members.  The writer of the novels confirmed that he is indeed currently working on the seventh volume but he is not sure when he will be finished. Unfortunately, this is not good news for the fans as the lack of source material might delay Hyouka Season 2 further than it already has. It might also be due to the tragic death of the director of Season 1, Yasuhiro Takemoto, who died in an arson incident at the Kyoto Animation office in May 2019. As soon as we get information about Hyouka Season 2 we will let you know. Till then stay connected with us for Hyouka Season 2.Hyouka Season 2


The Hyouka Season 2 has not been released as of now. Currently, there are plans to release the Hyouka Season 2 in 2023 but it has not been officially declared yet. Fans have speculated that this may be due to a change in actors for one or more main characters such as Satoshi and Mayaka who were played by different people than they were originally portrayed when the show first aired back on TV during its initial airing which ended 8 years ago on September 17th, 2012. There is speculation from fans about whether or not season 3 will happen at all since many anime series tend to only last 5 seasons before being canceled if they do not produce high ratings within their target audience base demographic groupings. We’re still waiting.

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