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“The Girl in the Mirror”- Important Disclosure About New Television Series

Spanish supernatural thriller television series The Girl in the Mirror (also known as Alma) was developed by Sergio G. Sánchez for Netflix and debuted on August 19, 2022. Along with Mireia Oriol as the show’s star, other members of the cast include Lex Villazán, Pol Monen, Claudia Roset, Javier Mortgage, Nil Cardoner, Mara Caballero, Milena Smit, and Elena Irureta.

"The Girl in the Mirror"- Important Disclosure About New Television Series

Canceled Or Renew?

A captivating Spanish production, The Girl in the Mirror is an intriguing mystery thriller on Netflix that combines aspects of drama and horror. After watching this one through to the end, you might be wondering if it’s been renewed or canceled.

Launch Date

Starting on August 19, 2022, The Girl in the Mirror will be streaming on the internet. Ten episodes will make up the series. Whether the show caught your attention, see if Disney+ has any other foreign-language thrillers you might enjoy.

Has Season 2 of The Girl in the Mirror been renewed?

As of the time this article was published, “The Girl in the Mirrorsecond “season had not yet been renewed, which is not unusual for Netflix given they always take their time to make informed judgments.

In the Mirror with the Girl Given that the first season has recently debuted, Season 2 may air considerably later. The first season of the show took two years to make, and the second season might do the same. The chance that “The Girl in the Mirror” will return for a second season arises from the enigma surrounding the show’s climactic episode.

What Is The Girl In The Mirror’s Narrative About?

"The Girl in the Mirror"- Important Disclosure About New Television Series

This series’ plot centers around our main character Alma, who was discovered in a pool of her classmates’ dead bodies after they died in a bus accident. She has no memory of her history when she wakes up. She doesn’t recognize her family, and there are just too many unanswered questions in her house. She feels as though she is being misrepresented and that everything around her is a falsehood.

She becomes more motivated to look out for the accident’s genuine cause as a result of everything she experiences. Will she see the disclosure of any other secrets, or will this merely be another instance of post-traumatic behavior? Since the tale will soon reveal all the secrets, you will have to wait till this series is out.

The Cast of The Girl in the Mirror

Alma, one of the accident’s few survivors, is Mireia Oriol. Oriol has been in several thrillers for Spanish-language media audiences. The actor can be seen in The Pact (El Pacto), where she plays a daughter in peril and the television series Terror. the app, centers on a group of teenage girls who are stranded at a crime scene. Les de l’hoquei, a series about hockey players attempting to save the female portion of their hockey team, and La trientine, a series about four friends reaching 30 during the COVID-19 epidemic, are two other works Oriol may be acquainted with.

"The Girl in the Mirror"- Important Disclosure About New Television Series

Bruno is played by Pol Monen, Nico is played by Milena Smit, Aurora is played by Elena Irureta, Carlos is played by Mario Tardón, and there are unnamed roles played by Lex Villazán, Claudia Roset, Javier Mortgage, Maria Caballero, Marta Belaustegui, Josean Bengoetxea, Candido Uranga, Ral Tejón, Alejandro Serrano, Celia Sastre,

The Girl in the Mirror: Where to Watch?

If you wish to watch this series, you can do so because Netflix is the official streaming service for it. We are all aware that Netflix is a premium service, yet customers have access to a huge selection of popular series and movies. You can watch an episode here at any moment if you haven’t already if you haven’t before.

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