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“High-Rise Invasion: Season 2” – Release Date, Renewal Status, Popularity And More

The Japanese manga series High-Rise Invasion was created by Tsuina Miura and Takahiro Oba. From December 2013 to April 2019, the series was published online in DeNA’s Manga Box app, with Kodansha consolidating it into twenty-one tank volumes. Seven Seas Entertainment holds the North American licensing rights for the manga. From July 2019 through April 2021, a follow-up manga named High-Rise Invasion Arrive was serialized in Kodansha’s Magazine Pocket website and app. Seven tank-bon volumes were published. In February 2021, Zero-G released an adaptation of an original net animation (ONA) anime series for Netflix to broadcast globally.

High rise invasion

Season 1 is available where, and why can you watch it?

An amazing work of scary mystery art that has been skillfully portrayed for the audience is “high-rise invasion.” This incredibly popular series has the power to keep you waiting for the next installment as it goes on. High Rise has it all, and you can stream this manga series on Netflix from anywhere in the world if you enjoy watching horror mystery manga or other similar stuff.

When will the second season of High-Rise Invasion be available?

The second season of the High Rise Invasion has not been confirmed. The most recent data indicates the anime was first broadcast on television in February 2021. Regarding the return, Netflix has not released any formal announcements. If the series is renewed, it will likely be available in early 2022. This is around the time the first season was released. It takes about one year to make anime, which would put us in February 2022. We are hopeful that the series will be completed by 2022.

Is the High-Rise Invasion Manga Complete?

Since the anime’s first season ended around Chapter 150 in the manga, there is undoubtedly enough source material for a new season, primarily because there are still more than 100 chapters left to go. Moreover, there is also the spin-off series, High-Rise Invasion Arrive, the sequel to the hit anime, which could be another show in the making. The series may be renewed, in which case it’ll probably debut in early 2022. Around this time, the first series was made publicly available. We would be in February 2022 if anime production took a year. We anticipate the series will be finished by 2022.

What will transpire in Season 2?

"High-Rise Invasion: Season 2" - Release Date, Renewal Status, Popularity And More

Yuri and the Allies succeeded without Mamoru Aikawa’s protection as the first season came to a close. Mamoru learns that Rika and Yuri are brothers after Yuri successfully breaks the Swimmer Mask. Yuri eventually responds when Mamoru approaches him. In the conclusion, Yuri promises to track out her brother and put a stop to the terrible age. The second season should see the continuation of the research for Rika. We may also anticipate that when the specialists and directors finally reveal themselves, Yuri will acquire new skills and understand who they are.

What can viewers anticipate from season 2 of High-Rise Invasion?

Rika is currently in danger, as we are all aware. After escaping the Aikawa prison, Yuri and Rika will have to go through hell to find their family. Whether it’s positive or negative, we can assume something about Sniper Mask and Kuon’s romance.

The cast of High-Rise Invasion Season 2: Who is coming?

"High-Rise Invasion: Season 2" - Release Date, Renewal Status, Popularity And More

Sniper Mask’s Yuchior Umehara, Yuri Honjo’s Haruka Shiraishi, Lyon Shinzaki’s Akira Sekine, Rika Honjo’s Junya Enoki, and Mayuko Nise’s Shiki Aoki will all be present. According to what the primary source requires, the author or creator might also choose to include additional characters. Let’s see what the show’s creators have in hand for us in the meanwhile.

Is High-Rise Invasion Popular Enough?

High-Rise Invasion is ranked 785th out of all anime on MyAnimeList in terms of popularity. However, only 4.9k people follow the official Twitter account for Japan. The fundamental cause of this is that, despite Netflix animes’ widespread appeal, they are not as successful in Japan as they are elsewhere. Google search volumes show that it is at least as popular as popular anime like DanMachi or Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro, even though it is not well-known in Japan. Additionally, the seasons of the previously named anime have been renewed.

Does Netflix have a High-Rise Invasion?

Yes. High-Rise Invasion is available on Netflix. The thriller section has it.

When will the second season trailer of High-Rise Invasion be released?

Is there a trailer for High-Rise Invasion’s second season? No. We are currently unable to see a trailer because Netflix has not provided an update on the second season. When one is released, we’ll keep you informed. If you haven’t seen the first season yet, here is a trailer for it:

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