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Season 2 of Pachinko will be “Heavier,” yet still enjoyable

You are not alone if you felt like a sponge made of tears when Pachinko Season One ended. In a multigenerational drama on Apple TV+ about a Korean immigrant family, one character passed away from a serious illness while another was jailed for alleged treason against the Japanese emperor. Many of our beloved characters were left behind, leaving heartbroken viewers to wonder if Pachinko would have a second season. Discover what we presently know about the upcoming mega-hit Apple TV+ in the following paragraphs.

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Has Pachinko’s second season been renewed?

Yes. Apple TV+ revealed in April that Pachinko will get a second season. The show’s creator, Soo Hugh, remarked, “Words cannot explain my excitement at being able to continue portraying the incredible story of this tenacious family. “I would want to express my gratitude to all of our committed fans for their encouragement, as well as to the fantastic Apple team and Media Res studio for supporting and believing in our initiative. It’s a privilege to be able to keep working with this incredible cast and team. Hugh has stated that there would be four seasons of the show, however, only Season Two has been officially announced.

What will the second season of Pachinko’s theme be?

The best-selling book of the same name by Min Jin Lee has been made into the movie Pachinko. Since Season One didn’t cover all of the material, there are plenty of more tales to be told.

The matriarch of the family, Sunja, disappeared in 1938 while peddling her homemade kimchi at a neighboring market in Osaka. Sunja will “grow stronger, even if there is so much weight on her shoulders,” according to Hugh, a “little bit of a time leap” will transfer us to World War II, when she is now the family’s lone provider. Fans of Lee’s book are aware that Sunja will struggle to survive as supplies become short during the war and that she will eventually flee to the countryside with the assistance of Hansu, the affluent father of her oldest son, Noa. “It continues the narrative of her from Season One… considerably heavier, but there’s a delight,” jokingly said Hugh. “But joy remains.”

Hugh claims that the focus of Season Two will also be on Noa and Mozasu, Sunja’s sons. In Season One, the lads were seen as youngsters, although nothing of their early years was explored. Hugh discussed the brothers in an interview with Deadline and said, “The fraternity between Mozasu and Noa, I believe because they’re so young in Season One, we don’t get a capture, but in Season Two, that brotherhood is really amazing.” Readers of the books are aware that the brothers will experience sorrow since Noa will one day commit suicide as an adult. Mozasu and an aged Sunja danced around this traumatic background in the play, but they never directly addressed it.

Season 2 of Pachinko will be "Heavier," yet still enjoyable

Hugh also suggested that Sunja’s sister-in-law Kyunghee, who serves as both their business partner and closest friend in the kimchi endeavor, might have a larger role. Isaiah stated, “I would like it if season two saw Kyunghee become just her own person and being. She’s one of the drama’s characters I like the most.”

The most recent event in the current timeline had Solomon, the grandson of Sunja, making a deal with Mamoru Yoshii, a shady yet ruthless Japanese businessman with a long history in the pachinko parlor industry. The Season Two narrative of Solomon, as hinted by actor Jin Ha, would be about “moral strife” and be “totally fresh,” not taken from the book. When we first meet him at the start of the season, “I believe we are seeing him rethink his preconceived views of what success looked like, and I’m pulling for him to discover a better and less poisonous concept of success,” Ha told Deadline.

When will Pachinko Season 2 premiere?

You can predict as well as we can, but since the program premiered in the spring of 2022, we’re hoping for the best for the spring of 2023.

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