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American Horror Stories Season 2 Episode 6 Release date, Cast, Plot and more! All detail you require to know.

Unfortunately, “Facelift” is a necessary addition to American Horror Stories. “Facelift” is consistent with the earlier horror series episodes that Manny Coto has written by referencing contemporary concerns and anxieties. The most recent episode of the spin-off horror series examines how important beauty is in society and how far some people would go to acquire it. As a result, “Facelift” reinforces several harmful preconceptions, lending the show a horrifying undertone that some viewers could find to be far too realistic.

American Horror Stories Season 2 Episode 6 Release date, Cast, Plot and more! All detail you require to know.

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The most recent American Horror Stories episode, which was directed by Marcus Stokes, features Judith Light, Rebecca Dayan, Britt Lower, Todd Waring, and Cornelia Guest.  In addition to discussing the negative effects of beauty in society, the episode also uses mythology and the fear of cults. Cult, the seventh season of American Horror Story, previously examined cults and tapped into viewers’ anxieties in various ways. Similar to this, “Facelift” addresses some of the widespread worries in society in a very exaggerated way.

“Facelift” opens with Virginia (Light), whose everyday activities center around reducing her aging’s outward signs. Fay (Lower), her stepdaughter, makes an effort to reason with her but finds little success. Virginia’s desire to be in a love relationship once more and her attention on her looks are both caused by the passing of her spouse. Her neighbor Bernie (Waring), who recently divorced his wife, is the focus of her fascination. An unforeseen obstacle that Virginia encounters is an old college friend named Cassie (Guest), who has started dating Bernie. Virginia is more self-conscious about her appearance as Cassie’s young attractiveness scares her despite their comparable ages. Following some prodding, Cassie recommends Virginia see her plastic surgeon, which unleashes the entirety of “Facelift’s” offerings.

One of the main themes of “Facelift” is the secrecy surrounding the operation Virginia consents to have. The mysterious Dr. Enid Perle (Dayan) has a strangely prepared speech. The longer Virginia is forced to have bandages on her hands and face, the more skeptical Fay and American Horror Stories’ viewers become of her. The suspense viewers feel as they wait for the bandages to come off and the final revelation is part of what makes “Facelift” so alluring.

American Horror Stories Season 2 Episode 6 Release date, Cast, Plot and more! All detail you require to know.

There would be a very little horrifying appeal if “Facelift” didn’t have the unidentified component working in its favor. “Facelift’s” climactic 15 minutes are where the show really starts to shine. Virginia is asked to attend a retreat held by Dr. Perle, albeit the retreat’s location is kept a secret as if suspicions weren’t already at an all-time high.

At the retreat, a simultaneous epiphany occurs. As Virginia’s bandages are removed, the large crowd of onlookers is revealed to be made up of followers of a cult who make a sacrifice to Étain in exchange for their good health and beauty. Virginia’s ambition to become one of the “beautiful people” has been frustrated by her transformation into a pig. The relationship between the pig and the butterfly emblem of the cult is all a part of its history, despite the fact that “Facelift” definitely draws on the societal implications of what extremes may result from viewing beauty as a pathway to something higher.

The horrific conclusion of “Facelift” isn’t caused by the episode’s severe treatment of beauty. Their awareness of beauty is startling in contrast to the cult and blind adherence to the cruelty they engage in. At first impression, everyone in attendance seems extraordinarily affluent and trim. The bulk of the cult members and the cast members that play the main characters in “Facelift” are all Caucasian. This has the telling as well as the devastating implication that people of color are not often seen as belonging to an aristocratic group that worships beauty.

Another negative outcome is the ease with which both Virginia and Fay are prepared to adjust and accept something they have fought, but only when it benefits them. Frequently reminding Fay that she is not her real mother, Virginia turns on her. There is karmic justice in Virginia’s destiny as well as when she is made to rely on Bernie for assistance just to discover that he is not her ally. The inability to trust anybody in “Facelift” is indeed shocking, but it only serves to emphasize the cynical atmosphere these individuals have been enmeshed in.

There are a number of subplots in “Facelift” that assist to bring the tale together, particularly in terms of alienation. This episode of American Horror Stories has hints related to “Facelift” that show how complex and brainwashed cults may be. Neither does “Facelift” attempt to make the audience feel sorry for these folks. Instead, these extremely self-centered individuals solely consider what would benefit them, even if it means hurting other people. Like “Bloody Mary,” “Facelift” contemplates what someone would do to fulfill their greatest goal, regardless of how unimportant things may appear to be.

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