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“Inside Job” Important Disclosure About New Season.

Shion Takeuchi’s Inside Job, an American grownup cartoon science fiction business humor television show, debuted on Netflix on October 22, 2021. Along with Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch as well as BoJack Horseman maker Mike Hollingsworth, Takeuchi, a fellow Gravity Falls writer, serves as showrunner and executive producer. Although its humor divided critics, the anime earned generally excellent reviews from those who commended the animation, voice acting, and social satire. In June 2022, the show received a second season renewal.

"Inside Job" Important Disclosure About New Season.Netflix extends Inside Job season 2

Netflix requested 20 episodes for the first season of Inside Job. We, therefore, assumed that Netflix will omit the final 10 episodes of a second season when we witnessed the release of only 10 episodes in October. However, it appears that the streamer chose to give followers more than they had anticipated. Netflix has announced the release of Inside Job season 2 on June 8 during Netflix Geeked Week. Sadly, the streamer gave no additional information regarding the planned second season. We’ll probably have to wait a long for Netflix to reveal additional information, but we’ll continue to update you on where Inside Job is in the second season’s filming.


The release dates for Inside Job season 2 have not yet been disclosed by Netflix. However, the streaming service announced that Inside Job would return for season 2 (also known as “Part 2”) during its June 2022 Geeked Week. It is hardly surprising that the streaming service added 10 episodes after first ordering 20 in April 2019.

We have only watched ten episodes of season 1 to date. Ten more have been on hold for us. Given the teaser and announcement that have already been posted, we may assume that Netflix will release the next 10 episodes in 2022.

Expected Plot

Reagan observes her father’s decision to take control of Cognito Inc. and overthrow the enigmatic Robes as she returns to the office with Brett Hand (Clark Duke). “From now on, we do as I say,” says a hologram of Rand in the lobby. Cognito will restore its former greatness. Then Cognito will retrieve its daughter, ex-wife, and stunning hairline, among other things. There are clues of many more conspiracies and the following mayhem around each idea, in addition to the clear continuation of its mature humor.

"Inside Job" Important Disclosure About New Season.

The second season of Inside Job potential cast

If you didn’t already know, Inside Job features a really impressive cast. While we can’t say for sure that they will all return for season 2, we can say with some confidence that they will for now. Here is the roll call:

Who is the season 2 cast of Inside Job?

  • Reagan Ridley, played by Lizzy Caplan
  • As Rand, Christian Slater Ridley Clark
  • As Brett Hand, Duke
  • As Gigi, Tisha Campbell
  • Magic Myc, Brett Gelman
  • As J.R. Scheimpough, Andy Daly
  • In the role of Glenn Dolphman, John DiMaggio
  • Dr. Andrew is Bobby Lee.
  • As Robotus, Chris Diamantopoulous

Watch Inside Job online

Netflix is the only place to watch all ten episodes of Inside Job season 1. And as we already said, Netflix’s other top adult animated comedies like Big Mouth and its spinoff Human Resources can do the same. Netflix just recently extended both of those.

Inside Job 2 Trailer

Season 2 of Inside Job is about to be released, according to Netflix. The first teaser trailer “was also made available by the streaming provider. We’ll continue our storyline speculating once the three-minute trailer provides us a look into season 2’s future.

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