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Season 16 of Criminal Minds will premiere in September 2022?

It’s verified! The sixteenth season of Criminal Minds will be revived by Paramount+. Since it had previously been on CBS for 15 years, when it airs it will be the first time on the streaming platform. After its 324th episode, the criminal drama left CBS in February 2020. CBS canceled it.

According to certain rumors, Criminal Minds will air regularly on Paramount+. But on the other hand, how well Season 16 is received by the audience will probably determine how well this goes.

Season 16 of Criminal Minds will premiere in September 2022?

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Release Date for Criminal Minds Season 16

Episodes of Criminal Minds were filmed a few months before broadcast while it was still a CBS show. The show’s production staff may be accustomed to having a short turnaround. We wonder if the format will remain the same now that it will be on Paramount+.

The program will reportedly begin production in August, so it won’t be broadcast for a while. Joe Mantegna, who plays David Rossi on the show, teased fans by posting this on his Twitter page.

The message includes a thumbs-up image of the actor on set. “Just performing a small inspection today for a future project #criminalminds,” he captioned the photo.

Is Season 16 of Criminal Minds a Reboot?

Many people questioned if the program was a relaunch of the original 15-season series once it was revealed. However, as Nicole Clemens, President of Original Written Series at Paramount+, revealed: “Criminal Minds was at the vanguard of cutting-edge scripted drama for 15 seasons as it thrillingly investigated the psychology of crime. The show never stopped changing during its existence, and we are beyond thrilled to bring it back at Paramount+ in a new period with fresh tales for a new audience.”

In addition, since some of the performers will repeat their roles, it’s not quite a reboot. New characters who will be introduced as soon as production gets going will join them.

The program will have a 10-episode season and a brief run on the streaming platform.

Season 16 of Criminal Minds will premiere in September 2022?

Where Will the Criminal Minds Season 16 Story Pick Up?

It appears that the COVID-19 pandemic will be mentioned in Criminal Minds’ plot.

The crew will be back in Criminal Minds Season 16 to battle an UnSub who creates a network of serial murders amid the epidemic. And as the globe has begun to recover its openness, this network of serial killers has resumed its attacks. The team’s task is to find both the mastermind behind this ruse and each of these serial murders.

The squad will carry out its mission one murder at a time, the broadcaster says. This implies that each of the ten episodes of the show will concentrate on a different case.

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