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Love Between Fairy And Devil Season 1 Review and What is to be expected from next season

The xianxia tale Love Between Fairy and Devil is scorching its way to the top of iQIYI’s viewing maps! This is a good thing because Esther Yu and Dylan Wang have complex, demanding places, and they’re handling them competently and merit be recognized for their performance. Come see why this Chinese drama has me hooked, and why I suppose you should be watching it too. A puck named Xiao Lan Hua (Orchid) falls into the palace while trying to cover her first love, Lord Chengheng, the Fairy Kingdom’s God of War. In the process, Qingcang and Orchid also discover they’re able of switching bodies. The devil and the puck drive and pull as they escape the palace and Qingcang attempts to recapture his former position of power, with Orchid alternatively helping and hindering his sweats. Visit InstaChronicles

What’s the story so far  

So my first Esther Yu/ Yu Shu Xin drama was Moonlight, and I adored it. She excels at playing sweet women with grit and a sword at their core, and I love those kinds of characters. In Love Between Fairy and Devil, she plays Orchid/ Xiao Lan Hua, a brand new puck in the Fairy Kingdom. She’s apprenticed to the keeper of the Visit InstaChroniclesBooks of fortune, but her master has been wandering the Swash of obliviousness for,000 times, so little Orchid has substantially been on her own. She wants to take the immortal test so she can serve in her first love’s palace, but her fortune has other plans in mind 

Dylan Wang/ Wang He Di is THRIVING in the part of Qingcang, brilliantly interspersing between playing his devil part and his body-shifted puck part. numerous Cdrama watchers will fete him from Meteor Garden, where he played Dao Ming Si. His cold address only cracks occasionally, and his capability to dominate a room and yet allow himself to be subdued by a certain little puck’s demands are both witching and ridiculous in their discrepancy. He’s credible and I love watching the metamorphosis. No love in this day and age would be complete without a love triangle, and we’ve Zhang Ling He( Maiden Holmes) filling that part admirably. Lord Changing of the Fairy Kingdom has been engaged for glories to a goddess he’s in no way met, but that doesn’t save him from Orchid’s unwitting charms. He’s frequently torn between duty and guarding her, but he always puts the area first, as a good alternate lead should. Visit InstaChronicles

I’m being educated on the different types of Chinese fantasies, and this falls under xianxia, which supposedly is full of homilies and angst and intertwined fates. I’m loving the energy of this story – it’s a bit like Beauty and the Beast or Hades and Persephone, but with the depth and the twists that only a Chinese drama is able of. They sound crazy on the face (seriously, trying to describe this drama to my hubby was NUTS), but the story takes itself just seriously enough and makes it all work. Also, there’s a DRAGON.  

Should You be watching this? 

Oh yes. Absolutely. The chemistry between Orchid and Qingcang is top-notch, and the trip they’re on is addictive and watchable. I’ll add this one caveat Esther Yu/ Yu Shu Xin has an INCREDIBLY high voice, and it takes my cognizance a hot nanosecond to acclimate. But she’s so attractive and compelling that I get over it veritably snappily. I don’t know where this story is going, if you can’t watch it, just watch the opening credits, because they’re BEAUTIFUL. 

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