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A Satisfying End to Probably the Most Underrated Show, “SEE” Season 3: Review

Although it may not have as many subscribers as Netflix or Disney+, Apple TV+ has recently created some high-quality entertainment. The dystopian sci-fi series SEE, which debuted in 2019, comes to an end in its third and final season, the first episode of which debuted on August 26.

A Satisfying End to Probably the Most Underrated Show, "SEE" Season 3: Review

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Season 3 opens with Trivantians and Ganite still at war, months after Season 2 ended. After Edo Voss’s death, Wren seems to be in charge of the Trivantian army, which first looks to be losing, but then events take an unexpected turn. With a weapon that the populace had forgotten, Torrmada, an acquaintance of Edo Voss and a Trivantian scientist, alters the course of the game. With the aid of Jerlamarel’s children, he creates huge explosives (bombs) that he uses to defeat Ganite’s army. Season 3 focuses on the dangers that these bombs pose to humanity and how Baba Voss will deal with the threat posed by Torrmada.

The events of Season 3 take place over a year after Baba Voss vanquished his archenemy brother Edo and left his family behind to live alone in the wilderness. However, Baba returns to Paya to defend his people once again when a Trivantian scientist creates a new and terrifying type of sighted weapon that puts the future of humanity in danger. Everywhere Baba Voss travels, tragedy seems to follow him. After the terrible passing of a cherished character, he chooses to go back to his family in Paya, but this deepens the situation Queen Maghra is already dealing with.

Without a question, Jason Momoa is the show’s leading man, and in Season 3, he appears to be given more screen time than any other characters or the seasons before. In the last season, Baba Voss dominates all other characters and essentially drives the plot.

The third season of Queen Kane’s story starts with the birth of Kofun’s kid. Although her sister Maghra is imprisoned in Paya awaiting execution, she is unable to choose whether or not to live. Similar to the other seasons, Kane’s path is filled with unexpected turns. She continues to be the most perverse character and continues to astonish. No one else, in my opinion, could possibly outperform Sylvia Hoeks in this position.

A Satisfying End to Probably the Most Underrated Show, "SEE" Season 3: Review

Kofun and Haniwa’s characters don’t undergo enough alteration; they essentially mirror those from the previous season. Everyone is at risk because Kofun continues to make dubious judgments. Although Haniwa is the older of the two, she still makes careless decisions because of her emotions.

Season 3 does not fall short in the least in terms of plot or presentation. It’s tough to look away from the screen because of the captivating background music and gorgeous imagery. In contrast to other seasons, Season 3 is largely focused on Paya and does not stray far from it.

There are a few fatalities and catastrophes, but Season 3 is far more cautious than Season 2, which took more chances. After a certain point, the last battle doesn’t make sense since it appears forced and needless. You could share my opinion and understand why I am saying this. Overall yet, the finale is neither poor nor disappointing.

Even if everything comes to a nice finish in the end, certain loose ends are left untied. In other words, there is a chance for a sequel down the road because the conclusion is left open.

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