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Year Of The Rabbit Season 2: Release Date, Expected Cast And All the Information You Need

Kevin Cecil and Andy Riley are the writers of the British television sitcom Year of the Rabbit, which debuted on Channel 4 on June 10, 2019.

The series, which is set in London in 1887, goes as “a team of Victorian detectives led by Detective Inspector Rabbit, an experienced drinker who has seen it all, and his new, helpless partner who observes the rules. The chief of police’s vulgar but perceptive adopted daughter becomes the first female officer in the nation while looking into a local murder. The trio must work together to combat crime while interacting with street gangs, corrupt officials, Bulgarian princes, spiritualists, music hall performers, and the Elephant Man.

Year Of The Rabbit Season 2: Release Date, Expected Cast And All the Information You Need

Status of “Year of the Rabbit” Renewal

We can confirm that the series was renewed in 2019 if you’re wondering if it has. But regrettably, the pandemic has compelled designers to temporarily halt all activities.

It is predicted that a new season will start in the upcoming year even if no specific date has been determined because conditions are now good. Even though the first season of the show received favorable reviews from viewers, fans can still expect a new season to be released soon.

Season 2 premiere date for “Year of the Rabbit”

Following the first season in 2019, the show had refresh for a new season. Sequels were scheduled to debut in 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic prevented this from happening.

Therefore, aside from the renewal, the exhibitors in an interview confirmed that the script is still in its early stages of production. Therefore, none is useful. There is no definite word on when Rabbit Season 2 will be released.

The storyline for “Year of the Rabbit” Season 2

The show is set in London and centers on a group of sleuths. The rabbit, a dedicated detective with two young partners, is the series’ primary character. We got to know the main characters and the crimes that they were tasked with solving by watching the first six episodes of season six.

The second season of the show has no synopsis. The forthcoming season, however, will include more dramatic happenings. So, up until then, you can watch seasons of “Year of the Rabbit”.

The cast of “Year of the Rabbit” Season 2

Year Of The Rabbit Season 2: Release Date, Expected Cast And All the Information You Need

There are currently no cast members for the future season of the show. However, the following cast members from Year of the Rabbit Season 2 are the most anticipated:

  • Eli Rabbit is played by Detective Inspector Matt Berry.
  • Hugh Wisbech is portrayed on the screen by Alun Armstrong.
  • In the role of Detective Sergeant Wilbur Strauss, Freddie Fox dominates the screen.
  • Sergeant Mabel Wisbech is portrayed on stage by Susan Wokoma.
  • The character of Detective Inspector Tanner is played by Paul Kaye.
  • As Gwendoline, Ann Mitchell dominates the screen.
  • Lydia is portrayed by Keeley Hawes.

Trailer for Season 2 of “Year of the Rabbit”

The Year of the Rabbit’s second season gets a brand-new trailer. The first season and its trailer were both released in May 2019 and June of the following year, respectively. Similarly, we can look forward to the publication of the season 2 trailer.

It will be challenging to find a trailer for the forthcoming season this year. Thus, it is the responsibility of the creators to astonish their audience with a fresh teaser or trailer video. We’ll have to wait for an official update after that.

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