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Big Brother 24: Release Date, Summary, and Many more! 

The Head of Household (HOH) competition was not played after the Big Brother season 24 double eviction, however, Matt “Turner” Turner was revealed to be the HOH for the second time this season via the live feeds. When Turner was HOH during week three, he flipped the house upside down and quickly gained popularity by saving Taylor Hale from eviction and forming The Leftovers with her, Joseph Abdin, Michael Bruner, Kyle Capener, Brittany Hoopes, and Monte Taylor. Since then, the game has been dominated by this coalition of seven players.

Big Brother 24: Release Date, Summary, and Many more! 

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Turner was a part of the outside ensemble Dyre Fest during this past week’s Big Brother 24 Split House twist. Terrance Higgins, the HOH, nominated him for eviction but used the Power of Veto to prevent it. Kyle revealed all of The Leftovers’ details to his showmance Alyssa Snider and Terrance in an effort to rescue himself. Turner was unsure of his position as a result when the Big Brochella Leftovers players, who were taking part in the game inside the house, learned what had transpired at Dyre Fest. Turner, Kyle, Alyssa, and Terrance, therefore, formed a new group dubbed the After Party and kicked Joseph out of the game while he was still in the Diary Room.

Turner will have to decide between The Leftovers and the When Party after the live feeds showed that he is the next Big Brother HOH. Terrance and Michael Bruner were ineligible to participate because they served as the HOHs for Dyre Fest and Big Brochella. The challenge appeared to be a reimagining of the Tiny Veto challenge from earlier Big Brother seasons, in which contestants had to use tweezers to arrange extremely tiny objects. Turner, who was torn between his two allies, vowed to keep everyone safe when he was named Head of Household. Alyssa and Terrance would be dragging them through the game because they are not strong players, and he explained to Kyle that he is unclear about what to do.

Big Brother 24: Release Date, Summary, and Many more! 

Kyle, however, informed him that Taylor would be preferred by Brittany and Michael. Then, Turner assured Brittany that she and Michael would be okay and that there was no scenario in which he would specifically target a Big Brother leftover. Turner said to Monte that he had admitted to Brittany that he had a connection with the Dyre Fest attendees and that he would be reluctant to take a shot at one of them for fear that the Big Brochella competitors would ultimately turn against him. Now, Turner seems to have been persuaded by Monte and Kyle to suggest Taylor, Taylor, or Michael for eviction. Given that Michael has already won four vetoes this season, Monte advised against nominating him so that there is a chance he won’t be able to contest the decision. Kyle warned them that if they did not backdoor Michael this week, they would regret it. Turner claimed that while Michael and Brittany contributed to their success in the game, he felt horrible turning on them. Kyle clarified that Turner and the other Big Brother Leftovers owe them nothing because they only did it to advance their own careers.

Since Turner is a skilled player who sets his own rules, he won’t target Michael this week if he determines it’s not the best course of action. Turner could conclude that remaining with the After Party is the better option after the Big Brother 24 Split House twist brought an early end to The Leftovers, given they have already lost Joseph. Turner could take into account The Leftovers’ better players, though, given that he cannot participate in HOH next week. Watching Turner’s Diary Room sessions on Sunday night’s program is the only way to be certain of what he is truly thinking. Turner is a powerful player who will make the best option for his own game regardless of what he decides.

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