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What we know about Netflix release of “The Queen of Flow: Season 2” so far!

From 26 April 2021 until 10 September 2021, Caracol Televisión broadcast the second season of the Colombian television program The Queen of Flow. The Season centers on Yeimy Montoya (Carolina Ramirez), a successful musician who decides to take a risk on love with Juancho Mesa (Andrés Sandoval). She has no idea that she will soon come up against an adversary who is highly familiar with her and all of her loved ones. In the meantime, Carlos Cruz/Charly flow (Carlos Torres) builds a case to be released from jail.

Production for the season began in January 2020 after the order was placed in October 2018.  The COVID-19 pandemic in Colombia caused several coronavirus infections, therefore it had to be delayed. Activities were then restarted in October of that same year.

What we know about Netflix release of "The Queen of Flow: Season 2" so far!

The start date for The Queen Of Flow Season 2 has been determined

The creators of the program assessed La Reina Del Flow’s résumé in October 2018, and on Monday, April 26, 2021, at 8:00 p.m., the second season of the program premiered on Caracol Televisión.

As a result, it is not on Netflix and is currently wandering into Colombia. However, it has raised the possibility that La Reina Del Flow Season 2 will be available on Netflix soon.

What happens in Season 2 of The Queen of Flow?

The first season of “The Queen of Flow” followed the exploits of Yeimy, a gifted teenage reggaeton musician who devises a complex scheme of retaliation against Charly Flow, the celebrity who betrayed her when she was a child. Yeimy, who was sentenced to prison in the US as a result of Charly Flow’s deeds, is back as Tammy Andrade, a successful music producer who works for the DEA. Regaining control of her life, she effectively exacts revenge on Charly Flow.

While Caracol Televisión has taken care to avoid giving away too much of the second season’s story, it has provided some hints as to what viewers might anticipate. The Seal News claims that Yeimy will face further difficulties that endanger her family, including a new adversary who will stalk her. Additionally, according to the Seal News, “Charly Flow, from the shadows, seeks to get his freedom back while Her World, and the World of Everyone She Loves, Staggers.”

Fans may therefore rest confident that their favorite characters will have enough of drama to explore even though it is difficult to predict exactly where “The Queen of Flow” will go during its potentially 80+ episodes in Season 2.

Below is a list of the Queen of Flow Season 2 cast members.

  • In the movie, Mariana Gomez plays Irma “El Huracán.”
  • Yeimy Montoya is portrayed by Carolina Ramirez.
  • Catalina Bedoya will be played by Diana Wiswell.
  • Andrés Sandoval plays Juan Camilo Mesa. Vanessa Cruz Granados will be portrayed by “Juancho” Mariana Garzón in the future movie.
  • Ligia de Cruz will be portrayed by Adriana Arango in the next movie.
  • Carlos Cruz’s “Charly Flow” will be played by Carlos Torres in the movie.
  • Boho is a nickname for Pedro Ochoa.
  • Lucho Velasco portrays Dver Cruz “Mann.”
  • Marcelo Dos Santos will portray Mike Rivera in the film.
  • The reputation of Juan Palau as a drama queen exists.
  • One person is Pedro Roda. The full name of José Serna is José Serna.
  • Silvia Duarte will be played by Luna Baxter.
  • Erik “Mateo” Cruz Montoya, aka “Pez Koi,” will be played by Juan Manuel Restrepo in the movie.
  • Actor Erik Rodriguez plays Titano.

Where Can I Watch Queen of Flow Season 2?


Netflix presently has the second season of “The Queen of Flow” accessible for viewing.

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