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Return of “El Dragon: Season 3” on Netflix? Date of Release, Story, and Cast Updates

A drama TV series in Spanish is called El Dragon: Return of a Warrior. The show debuted on Univision on September 30, 2019, where it had its initial airing. Arturo Pérez-Reverte is the series’ creator, and Alvaro Curiel de Icaza, Mauricio Cruz Fortunato, Carlos Cock Marn, and Pavel Vázquez are its directors.

Return of "El Dragon: Season 3" on Netflix? Date of Release, Story, and Cast Updates

What Is El Dragon’s Narrative About?

The same plot will be continued in El Dragon: Return of a Warrior season 3, which centers on Miguel, who lost both of his parents but managed to keep his siblings alive. After this tragedy, Miguel’s grandfather decides to send Miguel to Mexico to keep him safe, and Miguel completes his studies there and becomes a prosperous businessman. Later, Miguel moves to Japan to live with his girlfriend, but all of a sudden Miguel gets sick, Now that he is in charge of the family’s affairs, Miguel accepts the suggestion and chooses to run his family’s business according to his principles to prevent any issues.

What to Expect From Season 3 of El Dragon

When will the third season of this “Spanish Breaking Bad” be released, many ask? You should go into El Dragon: The Return of the Warrior or just El Dragon if you’re looking for anything resembling Breaking Bad. Miguel learns that his grandfather has Alzheimer’s illness in the previous season. Lamberto informs Miguel that he must choose whether or not to lead the union and urges him to arrange with the company.

3rd Season of El Dragon Popularity

El Dragon’s second season is currently attracting more viewers.

Since its initial airing, the program has continued to expand on its success and was introduced to a huge audience. The next installment of the show is eagerly anticipated by audiences, and there has been talking about a potential third season.

What Happened At El Dragon Season 2’s End?

Tell us what happened in the previous season of the well-known criminal drama El Dragon so we can prepare for the new season. As we saw in the season finale, Adela was unable to live, therefore the season came to a sad conclusion. Miguel, who had grown to be the strongest of all, was prepared to face the final struggle. He successfully overcame it and defeated the person who had killed his parents.

What Is the Third Season of El Dragon’s Renewal Status?

The third season of El Dragon: Return of a Warrior will likely premiere in early 2023 even though the series has not yet received an official renewal. The history of the procedure raises several questions. As soon as we learn anything new regarding the second season, we’ll let you know.

Possibility of a Season 3 premiere for El Dragon

Although nothing has been confirmed as of yet, it has been rumored that El Dragon Season 3 will debut sometime in 2023. Since its debut in 2019, El Dragon has quickly risen to become one of the most watched television series.

Return of "El Dragon: Season 3" on Netflix? Date of Release, Story, and Cast Updates

Cast and crew of El Dragon season three

We will get another opportunity to see our favorite characters in El Dragon: Return of a Warrior’s third season, which will be released soon.

Sebastián Rulli, who will play the part of Miguel Garza, and Irina Baeva, who will play the part of Jimena Ortiz, are a couple of them. Chisca Garza will be portrayed by Cassandra Sánchez Navarro; Hector Bernal will be portrayed by Manuel Balbi, and Kenia will once more be portrayed by Sofia Castro.

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