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Close Enough 3 on point, Season 4 missing? Check out Now

J.G. Quintel and company are back at it again with a new season of the HBO Max series Close Enough. Josh, Emily, Candice, and the rest of the gang are back for further adult problems and odd hassles. Season 3 gives us further of the surrealist humor and capers we’ve come to anticipate from the series, but it still feels stimulating.  

It’s been established that J.G. Quintel’s shows follow a certain formula. At its core, Close Enough has an analogous plot and occasion structure to Regular Show. That’s not a bad thing, still, as it’s been proven to work for both series.  

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Season 3 is also all about surrealist humor and topical jokes. The show also makes some nods to Quintel’s former work, which isn’t new, but it takes a different approach this time around. There’s a little further creativity with the meta humor in this season, which is great for the sake of variety. This season finds the balance between the characters of Josh and Emily. The balance is better achieved this time around and the occurrences feel more unevenly focused. In addition to that and the usual brand of humor, we also see some touching family moments in Season 3. The former two seasons had these sprinkled in as well, but that seems to be further of a recreating theme this season than in the others. Whether it’s Josh and Emily on their honeymoon or Emily wanting to spend further time with Candice, we’re treated with both sincere and uproarious family relating scenes that make the season stand out.  

Like the once two seasons, Season 3 only consists of eight occurrences. The focus of the characters was a little unstable and there were one or two occurrences that just didn’t click with me. Thankfully, the show was suitable to rebound with this third season. It fixes the balance issues and I can’t suppose of a single occasion from this season that I didn’t like.  

Not every joke hits this season and some of the references made feel squeezed in, but those are effects that have been current in the former two seasons as well. Anyhow, Close Enough delivers with another strong season. Season 3 is about on par with Season 1, perhaps indeed a laddie more. Then’s hoping that we just keep getting further off this clever and crazy show.  

HBO Max isn’t pacing with the fourth season of adult animated comedy Close Enough, from Regular Show creator JG Quintel and Cartoon Network Studios. The decision comes a little over three months after the release of the alternate season on April 7.  

The cancellation of Close Enough comes on the heels of HBO Max’s renewal for Ten-Year-Old Tom, which is the banderol’s sole current adult animated comedy series. HBO Max has a sprinkle of forthcoming animated shows, including the Clone High reboot and sci-fi drama Scavengers Reign, and several systems in development, including Uptown Bodega. 

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