HomeshowsOnly Murders in the Building – Season 2 Episode 8: An explanation of the ending

Only Murders in the Building – Season 2 Episode 8: An explanation of the ending

The show started with Only Murders In The Building super fan Marv acting as the narrator for the program. While he and his fellow podcast addicts are eating at a restaurant, they start having a conversation about how they need to find a new program to listen to. Marv, on the other hand, asserts that he is more of an OMITB loyalist than a fair weather admirer. They observe Mabel go inside the restaurant, hug the elderly patrons, and then just before the lights go out, they hear Oliver explain that he is aware of what is going on.

Charles Haden Savage tells Oliver and Mabel that Lucy is by herself and then inquires as to whether or not anyone’s phone is connected to a network. They find out that the electricity is out in all three states. During this time, Oliver is also having a difficult time since he has just gotten the results of his DNA test, but he is unable to access them because there is no electricity. Oliver is interested in purchasing some dips from the cafe, and Marv wants to share his hypothesis with the other three about the Sixth Avenue Slasher, who has not been apprehended.


Mabel, ever the voice of reason, chimes in to warn everyone that now is not the time to act on their impulses. This is because they are required to get to The Arconia before “anyone else does.” Before the final credits begin to roll, Oliver requests a bag to hold the dips. The fact that The Arconia is shadowed provides a significant hint about the meaning of this topic. This is the view from the lobby, which is where the majority of the inhabitants can be found. Ursula is monitoring the phones with Lester, who needs to transport delivery for Nina up the stairs.

Only Murders in the Building – Season 2 Episode 8: An explanation of the ending

She also has many cartons of gut milk available. She gives the impression that a doorman is a superfluous investment in a building with an automatic door, and she makes him use the stairs. However, the new President of the Board allows him to rest at her home so that he may recuperate from his arduous rise to the position. When they talk about the murder, the two of them reflect on the positive aspects of Bunny’s life. Lester admits that he may have been the one who allowed the murderer into the building since he works as a doorman. In the meanwhile, Nina is keeping her fingers crossed that it isn’t someone with a grudge toward board presidents.

Lucy is alone in the apartment when she realizes that her messages to Charles are not being received by him. She is terrified, and at that very time, the filmmaker plays on the audience’s awareness of standard conventions seen in horror films by having the phone ring. On their walk up to Charles’ apartment, the septuagenarians engage in yet another animated discussion about knees until Mabel once again steps in to mediate the discussion.


Amid their ascent, the murderer enters Charles’ apartment. Lucy overhears someone attempting to force through a door, and the scene shifts to a third-person perspective, during which she sees a menacing frame of a silhouette with a guy wearing a jumpsuit and wielding a knife. He makes his way into the tunnels in pursuit of Lucy. After a few minutes, Oliver, Mabel, and Charles all do the same thing.

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