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The Circle Season 4, Release Date, Spoilers, Plot and everything you need to know

About Show

The Reality Show on Netflix is based on light-hearted competition that requires the competitors to strategically identify the mole in the crew, the imposter in the crew. As the idea sounds interesting, when the competition heats up, the show becomes intense. Firstly, the season starts as each competitor chats online only and remains in the apartment they are allotted in. Well the show has reached some popularity, as Netflix released its fourth season just a few months back. The fourth season consisted of 13 episodes the 13th being the finale of the show. 

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The final contestant’s list included Frank, playing as Frank, Yu Ling, playing as Yu Ling, Rachel as herself, Alex who was playing Nathan Trevor who was playing Imani, and lastly Eversen who was playing himself. While deciding on the Final Five and eliminating the last suspect, Frank did the right thing by sparing Eversen and eliminating Nathan. Nathan was being played by Alex. Before leaving, Alex shared his funny and enthusiastic moment with Yu Ling as they found out Alex was neither Nathan nor Frat. 

The secret of Trevor was revealed at the final table as he was catfishing as Imani because he was not allowed entry as himself as his wife Deleesa already won the season 2 playing as Trevor. The final rankings were as follows: Eversen and Rachel became fifth and fourth respectively, Yu Ling came third and Trevor became our runner-up for season 4. 

That leaves us with one name, yes, Frank Grimsley was declared as the winner of season 4 of the Circle. The prize money of season 4 was increased to $1,50,000, as a prior announcement for the prize money was $1,00,000 only.  

In an interview, while asked about the ways of spending this giant prize pool, Frank answered, “I will be paying some debts from this and a little vacation for myself. I still am going to save and invest most of this money as I’m planning to get this money working for me for the rest of my life.” 

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Spice-Girls in the House 

Yes, that’s right, the spice girls Emma Bunton and Mel B, Visit InstaChroniclesalso popularly known as Baby Spice and Scary Spice respectively, are featured on the show. Emma Bunton previously mentioned on her Instagram that she is massively obsessed with the show and the idea of the show, and Mel B has also shown much love for the show in her various acts, yet we are not surprised that Baby Spice and Scary spice are on the show. 

While giving a review a fan said,” I loved the show at the same time I didn’t, hear me out. While I binged the show, I got to know one thing the show’s concept surely gets you hooked but at some point, it annoys you that it is the same, the season 4 was so predictable. The next season must be different.” 

Where to watch The Circle? 

The Circle can be streamed on Netflix. 

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