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The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 2: A Recap of the last season

The conclusion of the second episode of the first season of “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem,” a popular program produced by Yes Studios and finally made available on Netflix this past Friday, is certain to leave viewers of the show excited and yearning for more.

The play paints a captivating picture of one Sephardic Jewish family, the Ermosas, whose members are doomed to experience unhappiness in romantic relationships. It begins in Jerusalem during the 1920s, and the first season comes to a close in 1942. The historical drama, which has an opening scene reminiscent of “Game of Thrones” and features a small reproduction of the city of Jerusalem, does an excellent job of depicting the views, tastes, and languages of the holy city.


The performance, which features a conversation in English, Hebrew, Arabic, and Ladino, is loaded with lovely Ladino lullabies, as well as mouth-watering Sephardic dishes (served by the family matriarch Mercada and sold at the Ermosas’ delicatessen). The novel by Sarit Yishai-Levi that the program is based on closes in the 1970s, leaving untouched information concerning the Ermosa family. The show deviates sufficiently from the book to provide itself with food for future seasons.

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem Season 2: A Recap of the last season
The fact that it will occur sooner rather than later is even more encouraging news. The production of the next season’s episodes began in June of this year in the city of Safed. The new season is expected to be broadcast at the end of 2022. The series will include the return of several familiar and brilliant cast members, such as the wonderful Michael Aloni (Gabriel), Hila Saada (Rosa), and Swell Ariel Or, among others (Luna). A TV rookie when the series began in 2020, wrote about returning to her role, Luna Ermosa, the beauty queen of Jerusalem.

“A slogan that accompanied this week was let go, open up, let out every sensation that comes up, everything is permitted, more than allowed, it is welcome,” she said on Instagram. “Let out every feeling that comes up, everything is allowed, more than allowed, it is welcome.” “The first day was difficult, and on the second day, I was able to view things with a clear vision, with eyes that were not afraid to grasp nature and the truth. There was a lot that rose to the surface, without a doubt, including ideas and comprehensions that do not necessarily instill confidence in you but also did not undermine or threaten to define the present and the future. I was aware that I had the power to alter things at any time, and if I couldn’t, I would have to accept them. I surrendered myself. And Luna was able to return.”

It is still unknown when or if the second season will be added to Netflix’s library. The first season made its debut in Israel in June 2021, and it debuted on Netflix in May 2022. The Israeli version of the program was shown in two parts as a daily drama for a total of 44 episodes, and each episode lasted for a little less than half an hour. The structure of the version that was available on Netflix was different. Netflix has compiled all of them into twenty episodes, and each one is around an hour long.

If all goes according to plan and the program does make its debut in Israel in 2022, then we can only hope that it will be available on the streaming platform somewhere in 2023, or possibly even early 2024. There is one thing that can be said with absolute certainty: the ordeal will be trying, but it will hopefully be well worth it in the end.

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