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If You Wish Upon Me Episode 3: Is the show coming back anytime soon?

Episode 3 of “If You Wish Upon Me” will concentrate more on the patients and staff of the hospice. The drama provides the sense of a comforting embrace that one may need. Even though the patients at the hospice are in their latter phases of life, there are still a great many tales that have not been shared. They are like a walking collection of books that everyone would be interested in reading. Team Genie does all in its power to grant terminally sick individuals’ last requests. This brings to mind the South Korean television serial Chocolate, in which a procedure quite identical to this one took place.

There is no need to provide an introduction for Ji Chang Wook. Even the people working on the drama’s production team concluded that he was the only one who could do justice to the part of Yoon Kyeo Re. It is going to be Scars and vacuums are inevitable in the course of life. Perhaps his time spent in the hospice will make it easier for him to adjust. Choi Soo Young is a name that needs no introduction; not only is she an accomplished singer, but she is also an outstanding actor. She has been in several movies and television shows, the most recent of which are Run On and So I Married an Anti-Fan.

If You Wish Upon Me Episode 3: Is the show coming back anytime soon?

Fans can’t wait for the future episodes since the performers have done such a good job depicting their parts, and we can’t wait to see what happens next. Yoon Gyeo Rye has suffered much throughout his life; as a result, his whole upbringing is marred, and there may be nothing in his past that he can look back on with fondness. Fans hear comments from him such as, “I don’t intend to live a long life anyhow,” which indicates how he believes there is nothing to look forward to in the future.

On the other hand, in episode 3 of “If You Wish Upon Me,” we will probably get a more in-depth look into his feelings. The show is filled with easily relevant exchanges, and there is just too much resonance in some of them, such as the one in which Seo Yeon Joo says, “If you are in agony, scream; otherwise, no one will know.” In each episode, in addition to the continuation of the personal stories of the other characters, there are opportunities to learn about the backstories of other patients.

Yeom Soon Ja was one of these characters, and the meal that she prepared for him provided him with a sense of warmth. Even if at first he refused to grant her request, would he eventually give in to it? We are already excited about Yeon Joo and Gyro Rye because of the chemistry that exists between the two of them. She gave him an unforgettable first impression at the hospice when she kicked his rearview mirror, and as a result, they both had a poor opinion of one another.

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