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Cafe Minamdang Episode 13 Quick Recap, What Happened? Every Details here only

Episode 13 of Café Minamdang starts as Han- jun chooses Jae- hui, leaving Tae- su on the ground to deliver her from the caravan. Han- jun awakes in a sanitarium bed with Jae- hui by his side. He’s realised that indeed though he scares fluently if he runs down, he’ll always come back to Jae- hui. He asks her to stay for him to catch Gopuri to earn Jae- Jeong’s blessing so that he can give her his heart.  


The investigators visit the coming morning as Han- jun is discharged. When Jae- hui pulls out the portrayal she saved from Tae- su’s caravan, operative Jang produces the identical bone. 

operative Jang is now sure that Tae- su is Lim Yeong- Ju, the suspect in his first murder case. Still, a child at the time, Yeong- ju’s alcoholic father abused him, and his mama had formerly fled. We flashback to Yeong- ju’s father hanging to kill him with a pickaxe. Yeong- ju’s fear propels him as he knocks his father to the ground and injures him with his armament.  

instachroniclesOperative Jang reveals that Yeong- Ju did n’t stop there, setting fire to his family home while his father was still alive. He’s been missing ever ago. Han- jun notes the white shoes Tae- su’s mama wore in the portrayal – the last picture she ever took with her son.  

That night at Café Minamdang, the crew is joined by Jae- hui. Hye- jun has gotten into Tae- su’s laptop and set up filmland of the gopuri knots with the victims ’ names on them as well as vids of the harlotry. It’s likely Tae- su and Aunty Im had a two-person system, one where she gave prognostics and Tae- su fulfilled them through blackmail and favors. The combination can’t be projected down on charges of anesthetics dealing alone because it would be too easy for them to claim that they’re unconnected to the club.  

Han- jun makes it to the safe, opening it with a date handed by Jin sang. Inside is the tally and some other lines, including an examination report on Seung- won. He leaves with all the lines but one, which Han- jun managed to hide under a hairpiece.  

Back at Minamdang, Han- jun launches into a lengthy instachroniclesexplanation. Aunty Im runs the combination that invested in Joyce Entertainment. Joyce Entertainment also reinvested. Joy Club, where Tae- su generated gains by dealing with Ruby to pay out the combination members. Aiming bigger, Aunty Im planned the Jakdu- dong land development design, the victims of which will be ignorant apartment buyers. The combination will get richer while Seung- won rung for the chairman position.  

Han- jun infers that Dong-gi prepared a tally of the combination’s crimes, including the examination report on Seung- won, as a contingency plan. Another document Han- jun set up in the safe showed that Seung- won ended the Jakdu- dong land at a pronounced-up price. With Choekang doing the construction on the design, Seung- won was suitable to vend his cheap land to the government for an advanced price while setting the construction plan into a stir.  

Meanwhile, Aunty Im and Tae- su sit before Seung- won with the examination train. Seung- won clicks a pen with wrath, realizing that Dong-gi played dumb while situating himself in the way of Seung- won’s race.  

Knowing that a disquisition will delay the Jakdu- dong development, Seung- won commands Aunty Im to fuel a media delirium and begin dealing apartments right after the ground-breaking form. Indeed if effects go amiss, the contract they entered into means that they get half the figure anyway. Seung- won also orders them to deal with Dong- gi – an outgrowth they planned for after siphoning off his means overseas – before the shareholders ’ meeting.  

Back at Minamdang, Do-won set up a distinction in the cash inflow. The tips that used to be invested completely into the Jakdu- dong development have been diverted into KM Leaders. Do-won thinks that Aunty Im established it as a paper company to direct all Dong- gi’s investment plutocrat into. Hearing this, Han- jun concludes that Aunty Im and Seung- won are going to steal the Jakdu- dong development investments through KM Leaders after conning the combination and gaining their trust. He’s also sure that they’ll dispose of Dong-gi.  

instachroniclesThe- su is convoying Dong- gi to the old wildfire point at that moment. After Jin sang cautions Han- jun about this, Han- jun, Jae- hui, Su- Cheol, and Hye- jun drove to the last place Tae- su’s auto was captured by CCTV before he entered an eyeless zone.  

Han- jun explains that if this is Aunty Im’s last big job and she’s planning to wrap everything up, she’d choose a place that holds meaning for Tae- su so that he’ll stay silent indeed if he becomes the fall joe. His old family home. 

The epilogue goes back to Yeong- Ju/ Tae- su walking down from his burning home, a fresh burn scar on his forearm. He falls to the ground and is set up by Aunty Im. gaping out from behind her is a youthful boy, who remarks that Yeong- Ju is like a blackbird – they’re all the same but one is called a portentous crow while the other is a ate conversationalist. He claims Yeong- Ju as his veritably own conversationalist.  

We also skip to Jae- Jeong’s murder. The- su holds out a gopuri knot to an approaching person making a clicking noise. 

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