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Bow Wow will host the new dating programme “After Happily Ever After” on BET.

This fall, Bunim/Murray Prods will debut their new dating series After Happily Ever After on BET. The unscripted program, which is hosted by Bow Wow, will encourage ex-spouses who have gone through a divorce or separation to act as a matchmaker for their former partners to help them move on and find new love.

After Happily Ever After Host

Bow Wow will host the new dating programme "After Happily Ever After" on BET.

After Happily Ever After, which was filmed in Kentucky, is the network’s first unscripted series from Bunim/Murray Productions. In the upcoming weeks, further casting information, including a few famous daters, will be made public.

Bow Wow will host a singles party with a different group of potential dates for the daters on each episode of the eight-episode series. But only the ex-spouses show up at these gatherings, giving them a chance to assess who would be the ideal match for their ex. One of the prospects will be invited by the ex-spouses to move into the home and date their ex-partner for 48 hours. After the two days, the dater will select whether to keep the prospect or return them to the singles pool so they can meet someone new again.

After an eight-year absence, Bow Wow’s return to BET is marked by this production.

“We are excited to broadcast this fun dating program that will aid singles in finding love. According to Tiffany Lea Williams, executive vice president of BET Unscripted Programming, this show “promises to be full of shocks, twists, and turns that will leave viewers yearning for more.” We are also excited to welcome Bow Wow back to BET and work with Bunim/Murray Productions, a company that has been producing unscripted successes for 30 years and consistently gives viewers the newest guilty pleasures. We are so excited to include After Happily Ever After in our impressive collection of critically acclaimed unscripted series that entertain and engage viewers on all of our platforms across the world.

The president of Bunim/Murray, Julie Pizzi, stated, “We’re excited to be working with the BET creative team on this innovative new format that offers a different perspective on the realities of second-chapter dating. This special series was developed for people looking for their second act love story while also taking into account the fact that they frequently still have ties to their ex-partners due to their shared past, offspring, and extended families. Ex-couples who sincerely loved one another can now collaborate on After Happily Ever After to give their ex another chance to find a lifelong spouse.

Pizzi and Erica Ross are the executive producers of After Happily Ever After with Bunim/Murray Productions. The showrunner for the series is Andrea Richter. As executive producers for BET, Tiffany Lea Williams and Angela Aguilera are also involved.

· Bow Wow as Host
· Andrea Richter as Executive Producer
· Angela Aguilera as Executive Producer of BET
· Erica Ross as Executive Producer of BET
· Julie Pizzi as Executive Producer of BET
· Tiffany Lea Williams as Executive Producer of BET

“After Happily Ever After is categorized as Reality in its entirety(documentary).

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