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What We Know About Yellowstone Season 5 So Far-Release Date, Preview, what to expect? 

After an endless stretch with no word on Yellowstone’s future, Paramount Network has been giving fans something to get excited about this year. The megahit rancher drama will return for a fifth season, the network officially revealed in early February. They then raised the stakes by revealing that the fifth season will be extra-sized.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Yellowstone’s forthcoming season will include 4 more episodes, bringing the total to 14, which will be split into two seven-episode parts.

What We Know About Yellowstone Season 5 So Far-Release Date, Preview, what to expect? 

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What will season 5 bring?

Kevin Costner, the show’s star, discussed the show’s future plans with Extra in an interview in August. He indicated that John’s quest to keep his land is the main focus of season 5. People who know what they would do with the property, he continued, “there are people who think that one man has too much.” “I can identify with the whole idea of all these people bashing this person and him trying to hold it together.”

Regarding the persistent allegations that John had passed away, Costner replied, “There is just too much to do; I don’t want to die. In terms of this narrative, I’m not sure where it will lead. I haven’t given it much thought.” He added as well “I believe [show creator Taylor Sheridan] has produced some very excellent stuff. When I decide I don’t want to continue, I’ll remark, “which unquestionably gives the impression that the Dutton patriarch is currently secure.

Another fact that he seems to be avoiding discussing? The show is over. When asked if he talks to Sheridan about the end of the show, Costner responded, “I don’t because I believe that we are probably making it up in some manner. What appears on the page, in my opinion, will be what I look at.”

The show’s Beth Dutton, played by Kelly Reilly, spoke up to Vulture about season 5 in June, dropping some intriguing indications about the upcoming season. Reilly said, “I will say as the kingdom becomes greater, it becomes harder to administer,” in reference to whether John Dutton will succeed in winning the Montana governorship that he set out to achieve in season four.

While she acknowledges that season four may have eliminated some of the apparent villains, she claims that the Duttons’ enemies are still many and include some real-world counterparts. “They will arrive. They are violating. It resembles what actually occurs in Montana. The purchase is being made by billionaires.”

What are the show’s future plans after season five? “People frequently ask, “Is this the end? The end must be here “Telling Vulture, Reilly. It’s not over yet.

Fans will no doubt be relieved to hear that news, even if Paramount has not yet made any formal plans for the show’s future public.

What We Know About Yellowstone Season 5 So Far-Release Date, Preview, what to expect? 

The Yellowstone cosmology is expanding.

Creator of Yellowstone Taylor Sheridan has already started to extend the show’s canon on Paramount+ in addition to the fifth season. The streaming service has also revealed another Yellowstone origin narrative set in the Great Depression era, named 1932, which will star Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford, in addition to the precursor 1883, which has Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and Sam Elliott. Sheridan has also signed a contract for a spinoff that is still in production and has the working name 6666.

6666 is anticipated to stream initially on Paramount+, similar to 1883 and the rest of Sheridan’s nine (yes, nine) forthcoming films for the studio, though no release date has been specified as of yet. The narrative that was made public along with the show’s announcement seems to imply that it would take place in the present day on the famed 6666 Ranch in West Texas, which Sheridan really purchased the 266,000-acre ranch for.

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