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“Work In Progress” Season 3 : Renewed or canceled? Know All The Updates Here!

On December 8, 2019, Showtime debuted the American comedy-drama television series Work in Progress. Abby McEnany, Tim Mason, and Lilly Wachowski were responsible for the series’ conception, writing, and executive production. Mason also served as the show’s director. Along with Julia Sweeney (as a fictitious version of herself), Karin Anglin, Celeste Pechous, and Theo Germaine, McEnany is featured in Work in Progress in a semi-autobiographical role. The whole series was created, shot, and edited in Chicago.

The Sundance Film Festival featured a screening of the pilot episode. On December 8, 2019, Showtime debuted the eight-episode first season of Work in Progress. It earned favorable reviews from critics. The show received a 10-episode second season renewal from Showtime on January 13, 2020. This season will be filmed in Chicago later in the year. The start of the second season was on August 22, 2021. On IMDb, it received a score of 7.2/10.

To learn everything there is to know about the third season of the television show Work in Progress, read the entire article.

Work in Progress Season 3

Working on Season 3: Has It Been Announced?

Work in Progress has not yet received a third season renewal. Perhaps it will be renewed soon. We anticipate that the third season of the television show Work in Progress will be revealed very soon because the likelihood that it will be revealed is very high. The second season of the television show Work in Progress just ended. So, the release date for Work in Progress’ third season will shortly be revealed.

The storyline for Season 3 is in Progress

Abby concluded that the labels people had given her did not apply to her. They all seemed to be inaccurate or offensive in some way. She, therefore, gave a lot of thought to how to portray herself in a way that best reflects her nature. She then revealed her sexual orientation to everyone. Despite being overweight, she is unreceptive to advise to attend a gym or expressions of sympathy. She doesn’t mind that some people find her odd. By the time she was 45 years old, she had acquired coping skills after being diagnosed with depression.

After Season 2, Abby was still defending her employer’s support for Black Lives Matter while also coming to terms with the country, her background of racism, grief, and police violence. Then, while searching for some comedy, optimism, and healing, Abby and her father, Edward, reflect on how their relationship has soured and accept their newfound similarities. Therapy is what we call this. Later, Abby and Julia venture into the unfamiliar area on a whim. The family has a party as well, and Abby forges a new bond while cementing an old one.

What the series’ following season will consist of is difficult to foresee. The third season of the show would, however, likely pick up where the second season left off.


Find out who will be in the upcoming third season of Work in Progress by reading on.

  1. Abby McEnany as Abby
  2. Celeste Pechous as Campbell
  3. Karin Anglin as Alison
  4. Julia Sweeney as Julia
  5. Gerard Nugent as Mike
  6. Armand Fields as King
  7. Theo Germain as Chris
  8. Mary Sohn as Susan
  9. Bruce Jarcho as Edward
  10. Kenny Rasmussen as Matty
  11. Nancy L. Coleman as Nancy
  12. Chandler Merino as Chandler
  13. Tyler Anthony Davis as Jamali
  14. Lauren Viteri as Meg
  15. Shaya Harris as 6th and 8th grade AB
  16. Penelope Walker as Carol Lynn
  17. Laura T. Fisher as Grace
  18. Jalen Gilbert as Marco
  19. Ichaca Agba as Melanie
  20. Paul Grondi as Jagso
  21. Renee LeHocky as Renee
  22. Anne LeHocky as Anne
  23. Kate James as Miriam
  24. Johnny Lee Davenport as Harold
  25. Jay Moore as Alik
  26. Willie LaCue as Abby Jr.
  27. Mazzy Landfier as 1st Grade AB
  28. Nancy McCabe-Kelly as Dr. Franklin
  29. Malkia Stampley as Judy
  30. Parker Guldry as Larkey
  31. William Russon as Kai
  32. Colleen Coleman as Colleen

Work in progress

When Will Season Three of Work in Progress Be Released? (Date of Release)

Season 3 of Work in Progress has not yet been released, but since the creators do have few plans for season 3 at this point, we can expect the series to be renewed around 2023. After season 2 of this series was released around August 2021, the creators had no plans for season 3 where; soon, it was announced that the series would be concluding with the second season itself. For season 3 of Work in Progress, there is no set premiere date or hour.

Work in Progress Season 3 Trailer:

The official Work in Progress Season 3 trailer has not yet been released. Following the announcement of the third season of the television series Work in Progress, it appears that it will arrive shortly. Watch the official trailer for Work in Progress’ second season below.

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