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Will The Sequel Of My Little Bride Happen Ever? check latest updates here

If you have watched My Little Bride, then you must be waiting for its second part. The second most watched film of its time in Korea and the fourth most watched globally, it is written by Yoo Soon-il and directed by Kim Ho-jun. Starting with a forced marriage, the film revolves around how it created the love bond between a couple with a major age difference and thinking.

My Little Bride 2 Release Date

As a remake of the Hong Kong film My Wife At 18, the film was released on April 2, 2004. Soon after its release, the film was highly liked by the audience and became one of the most watched films of that time. With the ever passing year, the audience was thinking if the makers are up to releasing a second part of the film or not. As it has been 18 years and the audience is still thinking of the same. Keep reading the article to know the update of part 2 of the film.

Will The Sequel Of My Little Bride Happen Ever? check latest updates here

As the first film ended on a happy note, there are very less chances of the film getting a sequel. As the makers have also not said anything about the future of the sequel of the film, we can speculate that it is not coming, until the makers officially confirmed it.

My Little Bride 2 Story

As there are no chances of the sequel of the film, we can go with the story of the first film. It revolved around a cute marriage love story of a 15-year-old school girl named Bo-eun and a college student, Sang-min. Although it was a forced marriage of both the youngsters due to the influence of Bo-Eun’s grandfather, it was revealed later that Sang-min loved Bo-eun.

Bo-eun did not consider herself in the marriage and started dating her crush, Jung-woo as she thought that she will handle both men. Everything went smoothly until Sang-min became an art teacher in Bo-Eun’s school. They have to hide their marriage by being in front of each other most of the time. She soon realized her love and feelings for Sang-min and exposed her marriage in front of the whole school.

My Little Bride 2 Cast 

Will The Sequel Of My Little Bride Happen Ever? check latest updates here

As the future of the sequel of the film is not confirmed, the same goes with its cast. But, we can take a look at the cast of the first film. Moon Geun-young, Kim Rae-won, and Park Jin-woo were seen in the main roles of Bo-eun, Sang-min, and Jung-woo. Other than these mains, Hye-won, teacher Kim, Ji-woo, and Bo-Eun’s family were also seen including her mother, father, and grandfather. These roles were portrayed by Shin Se-Kyung, Ahn Sun-young, Kim Bo-Kyung, Sunwoo Eun-sook, Song Ki-Yoon, and Kim In-moon. There were many other characters too.

My Little Bride 2 Trailer

The audience can go for the official trailer of the firm and then the complete story. But, they must drop the hope for a sequel to the film.

Where To Watch My Little Bride 2?

The first film is available to watch on YouTube. The audience can watch it there.

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