HomeAnimeTomodachi Game: Episode 3 is out now! Check all the details here! 

Tomodachi Game: Episode 3 is out now! Check all the details here! 

Tomodachi Game: Episode 3 is out now! Check all the details here! 

In the last episode, somebody disclosed Sawaragi and Mikasa’s former romantic connection, surprising Shibe, who is recognized in the group to harbor emotions for Sawaragi. 

Tomodachi Game: Episode 3 is out now! Check all the details here! 

The group is then shocked to hear that Sawaragi has had plastic surgery in the past. Stunned by the news, Shibe questions her if this disclosure is unreal, prompting a protective reaction from Sawaragi. 

Still, not much else is said about her treatment. Also, one of the units reveals two secrets: Shibe bathed with his mother until secondary high school, while Yuichi had once not bathed for a week.

While conflict continues to increase between the group members, the watchers remain unfamiliar with the personalities of the two girls who had been taught in the initial episode

Still, it is recognized that these two girls appear to be seeing the event live on a screen. The topic of ‘who are these girls?’ emerges as they proceed to make an impression on the events.

What is going to happen in the Tomodachi Game of Episode 3? 

The third episode discloses a crucial mystery about sweet and shy Kokorogi: she’d joined in ‘compensated dating’ in secondary high school. This personally yet surprises the units of the group, clearly not predicting such a past from Kokorogi, who’d often seemed honest. 

Tomodachi Game: Episode 3 is out now! Check all the details here! 

The disclosure of Kokorogi’s secret catalysts a panic attack as she uncontrollably sobs, yelling at Sawaragi and doubting why she had disclosed her secret. Still, Sawaragi is determined that she didn’t write that card.

Manabu then orders Kokorogi to shift five areas, discerning as she obtained first place, being the only one who was bad-mouthed. 

As the event progresses, Manabu discloses that Sawaragi is unfortunately in the forefront, signifying that she will obtain everyone’s deficit from the game if she enters the end first. Meanwhile, Mikasa positions last.

As Kokorogi attempts to appear in phrases with her big secret getting leaked, Yuichi reaches her in the urge of helping her. Kokorogi, who also has romantic impressions of Yuichi, tells him the reality of her history. 


She notifies Yuichi of the bullying she had undergone during junior high, containing but not exclusive to chatting, having water poured on her in a restroom stall, and destroying her assignment. 

Kokologi reviews thinking alone and abandoned by her old friends and instructors, and that the only means she could make the bullying end was by paying off her bullies with fees. Still, Kokorogi had limited budgets and was desperately required to discover a path to make earnings.

As an impact, she began ‘compensated dating,’ where she met an aged man. Although she asserts that she was ignorant initially, she asserts that the man deliberately poked her into accomplishing more. 

Still, she is determined that she never let him do anything extra than touch her as she became so afraid that she ran out before he could begin to do anything else. 

Yuichi, whose companions mean more to him than anything, proclaims to Kokorogi that he will never quit her before leaning forward to murmur something in her ear. Still, what was mumbled remains secretive to the audience.

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