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Tampa Baes Season 2: Release Date Confirmed Or Cancelled

Tampa Baes is a production of 3 Ball Productions with Reinout Oerlemans, Ross Weintraub, Jeff Altrock, Paul O’ Malley, and Melissa Bidwell. The unscripted television series follows 12 friends as they deal with their sexuality, come out, and the stigmas and preconceptions that go along with it. The group’s fights, heartbreaks, and members’ love lives are all issues that they deal with. The program is of the documentary subgenre. The program has fan support and aims to educate the public about this community.

On a number of platforms, the program receives a bitingly poor rating. On IMDB, it has a score of 4.3, while on Common Sense Media, it has a score of 2. Google claims that 73% of its users loved the program. The program is worth viewing, although the audience claims that it has a lot of melodramas and is mostly concerned with parties and other things.

Tampa Baes Season 2: Release Date Confirmed Or Cancelled

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The release date for season 2 of Tampa Baes

The show’s creators and Amazon have yet to make a statement on season 2. It does not, however, imply that the program has been canceled. The cost of production, audience response, critical acclaim, and general popularity all play a role in determining whether the show will return for another season. Considering all of these aspects, Tampa Baes has a decent possibility of receiving a second season due to the show’s significant public support, particularly from the LGBTQ+ community. It is anticipated that the program if it is confirmed shortly, would air sometime in the latter few months of 2019.

Tampa Bay’s Story from Season 2

The program primarily focuses on the LGBTQ+ community and centers on the difficulties they encounter on a daily basis. Brianna and Haley are preparing a Y2K-themed birthday celebration at the beginning of the episode, but they are also concerned that Summer and Marissa could cause problems. Shiva is being courted by Cuppie, who is in town. In the second episode, Olivia’s wild behavior compels Mel to save her, while Marissa and Summer relocate to Marissa’s parents while their new home is still being built. Rivalries between the baes were made public during the birthday party. Jordan seeks Shiva’s emotional support in the third episode as she struggles with telling her grandparents that she is gay.

While Nelly is seeking closure and struggles with coming out to her family, Summer revealed some disturbing facts to Haley regarding Brianna.

Tampa Baes Season 2: Release Date Confirmed Or Cancelled

Haley received some upsetting information from Summer regarding Brianna, while Nelly is seeking closure and is also having trouble telling her family that she is gay. At her mother’s house, Marissa and Summer are uneasy. Shiva discovers she is falling for a new acquaintance but is receiving conflicting signals. Cuppie strives to manage her anxiousness while finding it difficult to do so. Due to the competition between Summer- Marissa and Brianna- Haley, the gang appears to be split in half. Mel attempts to form a relationship with Cuppie in episode 6 because he is sick of all the squabbling amongst the power couples.

They do not involve the couples in their vacation; instead, they organize a pleasant day together. As quickly as possible, Marissa and Summer want to move into their new home. Despite the rivalries and tensions among the members, Cuppie has plans for Pride to come together in the second-to-last episode. Olivia finally gets her finances in order while her parents visit her over the summer. The pride is here in Tampa as Haley begins to doubt her relationship with Brianna in the most recent episode. Jordan assists Marissa in organizing the ideal summer engagement.

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