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Surface season 1, Review, should you watch it or pass? check all details here

I’ve been appreciating the work of Gugu Mbatha-Raw, when she stars in a series, she brings her incontestable charisma and dramatic depth to the show that makes the show special, but the characters, she is given, it these few years was not justifying the actress herself, roles she got were in The Morning Star on Apple TV+, Loki in Disney+ and The Girl Before which was released on HBO Max. Enough about Gugu, let’s talk about the Surface, the series’s first season was released on Friday, July 29 (Apple TV+). Veronica West is the creator of the show. 


The cast of the show includes Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Stephan James, Ari Graynor, Marian Jean-Baptiste, and Francois Arnaud. 

The Surface is, all about the deep meaning of life and how frightening can be to have life trapped, and how again Gugu’s aura is justified in the show, just kidding the show is atrocious Gugu’s Charisma is again wasted on another bad show. The show ends up being a continuation of the personal trauma that you’ve been avoiding for all these years and taking pills about. The surface is set to confuse critics about even the genre of the show and critics explain the show as ‘short-lived NBC alien sea cow drama series’ 4

Oliver Jackson-Cohen plays a wealthy San Fransisco venture capitalist and Gugu plays Sophie, the wife of the venture capitalist, Sophie is living the life of a rich wife of a venture capitalist when she has fancy houses for her, a big wardrobe, going to events from the event, while a man who calls himself a detective confronts her by an incident that happened around 6 months ago, apparently Sophie attempted suicide, by leaping from a ferry, but she doesn’t remember anything, For two episodes I did my hopes high that Veronica West must have worked her magic and given justice to the title and story of the show and the story must be awesome and I would love it and go and write a very good article about how good the series is, well disappointment is my friend now. 

6The Girl Before was more complex than the Surface. Some characters after 7-8 hours come and tell Sophie that ‘Don’t trust the other character’ and still Sophie will listen to the stranger and get herself into trouble all over again.  

While giving a review, a frustrated fan expressed these views,” People are calling this WOKE STUFF, this is wrong, the show didn’t even touch any political or social issue, then why to call this woke?

Only if the people stop calling this woke, I like the mix of drama and mystery, and I admired the cinematography, it is a silent show, with considering a decent quality of sound, the series is pretty watchable.” 

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