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Review of Locke and Key season 3: The Lockes receive the heartfelt farewell they deserve, despite being far from ideal.

Review of Locke and Key season 3: The Lockes receive the heartfelt farewell they deserve, despite being far from ideal.


Tyler Locke (Connor Jessup) accepts a construction job in Montana following Jackie’s sad death while hardly speaking to the other Lockes. Kinsey (Emilia Jones) and Bode (Jackson Robert Scott), despite troubled by their brother’s disappearance, make the most of their time with the keys. After her husband’s passing, Nina (Darby Stanchfield) also notices that she is gradually beginning to move on and that her connection with Josh is intensifying. But the Lockes are unaware that Frederick Gideon, one of their greatest dangers, is lying in wait (Kevin Durand).

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In the third and final season of Locke and Key, the Lockes confront one more battle after facing legions of demons and losing loved ones. Despite having many issues, Season 3’s implementation is far from flawless. Nevertheless, despite its imperfections, the last season succeeds in bringing the Lockes’ breathtaking story to a satisfying conclusion that provides the family with much-needed closure.

The Lockes finally have a respite from the myriad horrors they have had to contend with since the show’s inception in the third season. Dodge and her army of devils are no longer present, and Kinsey and Bode may now utilize the keys to accomplish what they love. Nina finally has the chance to share in her children’s challenges and victories after using the memory key on herself, and her connection with Josh begins to flourish. Additionally, a wedding Duncan awaits the trio. Ironically, even when he decides against using the memory key to restore his memories linked to magic after becoming 18, Tyler seems to be the only Locke who is still troubled by the memories of what transpired.

The Locke family is blissfully oblivious of the last danger that looms over them in the shape of Frederick Gideon, who, after being possessed by a strong demon, has been called by Eden to return to the mortal world as an echo. There are still more magic keys that the Keepers need to find, thus Keyhouse is not through with the Lockes yet.

Locke and Key appear to have lost its momentum after a brilliant first season, as seen by the third season’s failure to match the first’s level of quality. The writing falters occasionally, and even Keyhouse appears to lack the secret to constantly seamless and entertaining narrative, despite the fact that the plot does have its share of captivating moments. When it comes to the magic of the keys, the new season features some very amazing narrative scenes. The Lockes face some new obstacles as a result of the appearance of a potent new key, and as usual, the scenes in which they employ the keys are as captivating as ever.

Review of Locke and Key season 3: The Lockes receive the heartfelt farewell they deserve, despite being far from ideal.

The Lockes also receive some much-needed moments of humor this season, which are a welcome change from the string of catastrophes they have experienced since the beginning of the program. The series has never shied away from depicting the ups and downs of the Lockes’ marriage, and season 3 is no exception. The family’s resolution of their problems is beautifully handled, and the show’s treatment of themes of loss, atonement, and moving on is riveting.

The lead cast also does a fantastic job of dependably portraying their characters properly. Jackson Robert Scott’s Bode appears to be the season’s biggest surprise. Scott is given several opportunities to showcase his acting talents in full force as the youngest Locke finds himself in the face of fresh problems, which the young actor does.

The script is inconsistent, especially when it comes to the Lockes’ confrontation with Gideon, which is one of the show’s most important and dramatic scenes. When the adversary makes his incursion, things often start to spiral into predictability since he is by far one of the worst and most uninspired villains on the program.

The way the Lockes’ narrative is resolved is one of the greatest aspects of the final season. Though it undoubtedly veers into predictable and clichéd areas, the conclusion leaves little room for doubt and seems to wrap up their trip in the greatest possible way.

Final Verdict:

When it comes to writing, Locke and Key’s last season has its fair share of contradictions and insipidity. However, the series manages to bid farewell to the Lockes with excellent characterization, fantastic performances, and a satisfying finish.

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