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Into the Night season 3, When will it come out? release date and all other updates available

Into the Night is an adaptation of the 2015 novel The Old Axolotl by Polish Author Jacek Dukaj. This is an apocalyptic sci-fi drama series that aired on Netflix in May 2020, and the second season of the series quickly came out in September 2021. We’ve seen another edition of the show in Turkey which shows a submarine, thanks to the original idea of this novel.



When can we expect season 3?  

So, when can we expect the next season? We’ve been to 7barren wastelands, we explored bunkers, and what could come next in this season. There’s been no official announcement regarding the release dates of season 3, but as the spin-off series Yakamoz S-245 was released in April 2022, we can expect the next season anytime next year which is 2023. Well, as a matter of observation, season 1 was released in May, and season 2 was realized in September, that doesn’t help us predict when can the third season come out. But then we predict, that it can come out somewhere in the first quarter of 2023.  

Netflix made sure about the fact that there will be no leak of the plot of season 3 of Into the Night. But we can predict one thing is that survival is the focus and the fight for it will continue. As they found a rat that survived the sunlight, I guess Horst and Laura will work on that and find a solution to the apocalypse. And the peace between the former military personnel and the survivors, for how long that will last? This is something that I look forward to seeing. 

Cast for Season 3 

Not much revealed too when it comes to casting, people who were in season 2 are back for sure, Pauline Etienne as Sylvie, Mehmet Kurtulus as Ayaz, Babetida Sadjo as Laura, Vincent Londez as Horst, Laorent Capelluto as Mathieu and Rik who is played by Jan Bijvoet is confirmed. 


Fans are pleased to hear about season 3 but they also can’t wait to binge-watch season 3. A fan gave this review to Into the Night,” The series is fantastic, for me it is all you can ask for in a sci-fi series. Season 2 didn’t end satisfyingly. The characters made the show binge-worthy, the morality of the relationships in these post-apocalyptic times is something that spices up things. A genuine climate apocalypse that causes around 90% of the population to die, I find a real threat. The concept of this show is unique, something that attracts sci-fi audiences to be mad. I hope to see an out-of-the-world third season, well I don’t mean that literally, LOL” 

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