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“Into The Night” Season 3 : What can we expect from the new season

Thanks to Netflix for airing it abroad, the Belgian television series “Into the Night,” which was based on Jacek Dukaj’s 2015 Polish science fiction book “The Old Axolotl,” achieved great success and garnered many enthusiastic viewers. The drama ran two fantastic seasons, and since the second season ended on a thrilling cliffhanger, fans are eagerly anticipating “Into the Night” Season 3. A Turkish spin-off series called “Yakamoz S-245” will debut on Netflix on April 20, 2022. The same book, The Old Axolotl, served as the inspiration for the offshoot as well.

“Into the Night” follows a group of passengers who are on a red-eye flight from Brussels when their plane is hijacked. The hijacker, Terenzio (Cassetti), is an Italian NATO soldier. He tries to ram his way into the commercial plane and demands a quick takeoff.

Into The Night

3rd season of Into the Night: renewed or canceled?

There hasn’t been a formal declaration about Into the Night’s future as of April 2022. However, given that the second season finished on a cliffhanger, we anticipate a renewal. We hope to see Into the Night Season 3 even though Netflix has remained mum about the show, but the final choice is, of course, up to the production.

Date of the third season of Into the Night

On May 1, 2020, Into the Night debuted on Netflix to widespread acclaim from critics and the general public. On September 8, 2021, the show was brought back with this fandom in mind. On May 8, 2021, Netflix’s second iteration will be accessible.

Season 3’s debut date has not yet been officially announced by Netflix. However, if we were to estimate when it might air, we’d say 2022 or 2023. Whatever the situation, we’ll keep you up to date. Keep in touch with us for updates in the future!

Season three of “Into the Night” plot speculation

Netflix has not yet provided any details regarding what exactly season 3 of Into the Night will consist of, but the struggle for survival will certainly continue. This idea will play a significant role in the upcoming chapter of the story because, in season 2, we saw that Horst and Laura’s studies had paid off when they discovered a mouse that could survive in the sun.

The choice to put the rat in a chilly tin jar seems to hold the key to figuring out how to save humanity. Rats had been let out of the bunker to experiment with different ways of surviving in society.

The survivors in the bunker formed an alliance with ex-military men there in season 2, which was another episode. There were certain issues among the survivors that the new accord helped to resolve, but how long can they live in peace?

The cast of Into the Night, Season 3:

Check out the Into the Night Season 3 cast list below.

  1. Pauline Etienne as Sylvie Bridgette Dubois
  2. Laurent Capelluto as Mathieu Daniel Douek
  3. Stefano Cassetti as Terenzio Matteo Gallo
  4. Mehmet Kurtulus as Ayaz Kobanbay
  5. Babetida Sadjo as Laura Djalo
  6. Jan Bijvoet as Richard – Rik – Mertens
  7. Ksawery Szlenkier as Jakub Kieslowski
  8. Vincent Londez as Horst Baudin
  9. Regina Bikkinina as Zara Oblonskaya
  10. Alba Gaia Bellugi as Ines Melanie Ricci
  11. Nabil Mallat as Osman Azizi
  12. Nicholas Alechine as Dominik Oblonsky
  13. Emilie Caen as Thea Bessit
  14. Kivanc Tatlitug as Turkish Researcher

Third season trailer for “Into the Night”

Season 3 of the television show Into the Night does not yet have a trailer available. It appears that its publication is imminent. Let’s watch the Into the Night Season 2 trailer down below.

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