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Falling into Your Smile Season 2, Release dates, All you need to know

Falling into Your Smile has just been released on Netflix and it is safe to say that, it was a hit. The series is based on an esports team and the first female esports player to play well enough to make it on the best team. She grows a special bond with the team leader. So, this series is about the sweet romance between this two.  


The pandemic was a major time for Asian content, series like Squid Game and Vincenzo showed the world how effective K-Drama, Chinese Drama also proved its way into the heart of fans using You are My Hero, The Long Ballad, and World of Honour. This series also made its fans binge as it is a mix of competition and romance storyline, this series is the first series that is made on Esports game named Onmyoji Arena. 

The series stars Xu Kai, Cheng Xiao, and Zhai Xiao Wen, and the cast of the series is well-packed. 

This series’s second season is not yet announced by production,5 but fans are coming up with their story for when will the second season come out. As we know the last season of this series came out on 23 June 2021 and it is been around 1 year so we can expect the announcement of the next season anytime soon. The show received 9.6/10 ratings on IMDb and 8.7/10 on MyDramaList, yet the series was a disaster in China, it got hit globally. 

The series finale stopped on a note on which there was a blog post saying,” I know you will continue to follow me. See you next year.” So fans are assuming that there will be a second season. Maybe the series runners were teasing us about the next season or they are just showing the fact that esports is repetitiveness in nature. 


But the main problem here is there is none from the production team, after season 1. The silence is not exactly something we expect from a team from which we are demanding a season 2. At least we expect a teaser, please production team, we are waiting. 

5Twitter is flooded by rumors about this season2 including a post containing around 100k. A review of season 1 says, “I actually had fun watching this series, I didn’t actually have high hopes for this one as Go Go Squid disappointed me, but these series have something different, the characters are actually on point in this one. This series heavily depend on live games that happened, the fights that took place in a real game, and the game footage was really interesting, I’ll recommend this series to everyone who is slightly interested in esports or play some mobile or pc games, this one is for y’all.” 

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