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‘A Model Family’ Season 1, Episode 6 Recap and Review – crime doesn’t pay

Organizing crime is quite easy. Despite all of its alleged complexity, networks, groups, competing loyalties, and other factors, what matters is that crime is a career. Either you have criminal businesspeople or you have thugs who have discovered a market for their thug lifestyle. It seems sensible that A model family did not opt to spend too much time fleshing out the inner workings of the many syndicates engaged in what is happening to Dong-ha and her family as they are all criminals and rather simple to figure out in either case.

'A Model Family' Season 1, Episode 6 Recap and Review – crime doesn’t pay

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Recap of Season 1, Episode 6

That is significantly altered in this sixth episode, which centers on Kwang-Chul and the power battle that is taking place all around him. You’ll recall that the previous episode ended with him unconscious. He wakes up in this place tortured and demands that he follow orders. Some guidelines must be complied with. With criminal groups, it is the same. The Messenger conveys a message that is quite obvious.

Is Dong-ha an offender? He’s making the necessary connections to merit the moniker, though. But as we can see, while beginning to grasp the concept, he’s still mostly worthless. Dong-ha surrenders and says he was in the neighborhood soliciting prostitutes when the police raid a meeting in Chinatown. I suppose it’s preferable to selling drugs.

But that’s the least of Dong’s issues. ha’s When every attempt to escape is met with lethal opposition, Eun-Ju pursues him and wants to know what he is doing. However, no matter what he says to her at this point, nothing will change. Of course, there’s also the issue that Eun-Ju has nothing to back up her claim that her husband is sneaking about, and when Dong-ha responds, she has nothing to say about it. It’s unclear exactly what she had to do with the man who died in their yard.

Anyway, let’s return to the topic of illegal competition. Min-Gyu, whom Kwang-Chul beat for being faithful to him – something he’ll probably need given Yoon-soo aims to kill Kwang-Chul for the sake of his preservation – was the insider informant who brought about the Chinatown raid. Kwang-Chul suspected Min-Gyu of being the insider informant. While Park Deuk-soo, who works with Joo-Hyun, turns up at Dong-house ha’s claiming to be the children’s grandfather, Kwang-Chul isn’t prepared to let this go and poses his challenge. The mystery deepens.

The Review

As this season comes to a close, A Model Family shifts its emphasis to focus much more intently on Kwang-Chul and the other criminals’ inner workings. A major schism and power struggle between them are beginning, and it appears that this will lead everything to suddenly become quite dramatic.

Given what we know Eun-Joo has been up to, calling her out for sneaking about is ironic. Dong-Ha confronting Eun-Joo about this, only to have her walk away without responding, is indicative of how far their relationship has fallen.

Everything in A Model Family has been set up for a dramatic next couple of episodes. What will occur after that? To find out, we’ll have to wait!

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