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Season 2 of Shimoneta: Release date, plot, trailer, and more details

Although there are many anime shows available, the anime genre is far more varied than casual viewers may realize. There are many actions and fantasy series in the realm of Japanese animation, but there are also lighter programs that cover various issues that are significant to both Japan and its creators.

In “Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist,” also known as “Shimoneta,” the Japanese government has cracked down on speech and conduct that it deems immoral in a dystopian future. Every inhabitant of Japan is required to wear a tracker that keeps track of their speech and movements. The show centers on a child who is finally coerced into joining a terrorist group to denounce the limitations imposed by the Japanese government. After the first season of the series, many people are interested in knowing when “Shimoneta” would return in both Japan and the US.

Season 2 of Shimoneta: Release date, plot, trailer, and more details

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When will Shimoneta Season 2 be available?

The second season of “Shimoneta” has not yet been announced, and it’s conceivable that it will never air again. It’s been a long since the show’s creative team has worked on a new episode since the first season debuted in 2015. However, since the program hasn’t been formally terminated, there’s still a chance that “Shimoneta” will air again in the future.

While many American shows adhere to a rigid TV schedule, Japanese anime doesn’t. Creative teams can instead take a pause and focus on other tasks before returning to tasks like “Shimoneta.” Fans are anxious to find out more about the people and the universe that the series is situated in, even if it’s unknown when the series will return. If there are further “Shimoneta” episodes planned, it is unknown exactly when they would air and when they would be accessible in a dubbed version for American viewers.

Who plays what role in Shimoneta Season 2?

Like many other anime shows, Shimoneta has two voice casts: one for the show’s Japanese version and one for its English-speaking audience. Sadly, Miyu Matsuki, the actress who portrayed Anna in the Japanese version, passed away soon after the show’s debut season (via Anime News Network). That could be one of the reasons there isn’t any information available about a second season of the show.

Season 2 of Shimoneta: Release date, plot, trailer, and more details

Even though Matsuki’s passing is tragic, the show’s makers can hire a new Anna voice actor if they decide to continue with a second season. Josh Grelle as Tanukichi Okuma, Yusuke Kobayashi as Tanukichi Okuma, Shizuka Ishigami as Ayame Kajô for the Japanese version, Jamie Marchi as Ayame Kajô for the English-language version, and Monica Rial as Anna are the remaining major cast members. According to IMDb, these actors would likely return if the show received a second season. The program would presumably be dubbed into English before it was translated from its original Japanese language.

What is Shimoneta Season 2’s storyline?

There is no official information about the potential narrative of the second season of the program because it has not been renewed. The first season’s 12 episodes covered volumes one and two of the light novel, from which the television program was adopted. There were a total of 12 novels in the series, so if the program were to return for another season, there would be ample material to cover.

The discovery of an old house full of obscene, graphic artifacts marks the conclusion of the first season of the television program. The main characters of the program all make the promise that these riches will return to the globe at some point, providing possible story ideas for any authors who take up the endeavor. There is a ton of material accessible, but it’s not obvious if there would be enough interest to produce more episodes of the show. Until that decision is reached, fans will have to make do with the 12 episodes they now have.

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