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“Pretty Smart” Season 2: Cancelled on Netflix After Season 1?

The main character of the comedy Pretty Smart is book-smart Chelsea, who learns a lot about happiness after moving in with her bouncy sister and three other housemates.

Doug Mand and Jack Dolgen are the authors. One of the six executive producers of Pretty Smart is Kourtney Kang, a former executive producer for How I Met Your Mother. Even after being a well-liked series and making it to the Netflix US top ten list, it was only able to remain on one region’s top 10 list for 11 days (South Africa), indicating that the show wasn’t immediately a huge moneymaker for Netflix.

When Season 1 of Pretty Smart was launched on the streaming service on October 8, 2021, it received generally mixed reviews from critics, casting doubt on the possibility of a Season 2. So, has the series been renewed by Netflix? Every fan of this situational comedy is thinking of this query.

Here is all the information you want on Pretty Smart Season 2.

"Pretty Smart" Season 2: Cancelled on Netflix After Season 1?

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Will Pretty Smart get a second season?

After just one season, Netflix has decided to discontinue Pretty Smart Season 2. The information was released soon after TVLine announced that Young Sheldon on CBS has promoted Emily Osment to series regular.

The cast of Pretty Smart season 2

It was anticipated that the main characters would return for the second season, which has already, sadly, been canceled. The cast may include the following:

  • Chelsea played by Emily Osment
  • As Solana, Cinthya Carmona
  • Claire, played by Olivia Macklin
  • As Jayden, Michael Hsu Rosen
  • Grant played by Gregg Sulkin
  • Tiffany Imani Love
  • As Jane, Alexandra Scott
  • Johnson, played by Robert Belushi
  • As Nabila, Santana Dempsey
  • As Topher, David Gridley
  • Aaron is Kyle Jones.

"Pretty Smart" Season 2: Cancelled on Netflix After Season 1?

The release date for Season 2 of Pretty Smart

No release date is provided for the series because it was canceled by the creators. If you haven’t seen the first season yet, you may still view the trailer.

What may have been the storyline for Season 2 of Pretty Smart?

There was a chance for the second season, which has since been canceled because the first season ended on a cliffhanger. After her lover rejects her, Chelsea, a confirmed genius, is forced to move in with her less intelligent sister Claire in the first season. She finds herself developing surprising ties with Claire’s roommates, including social media influencer Jayden, personal trainer Grant, and spiritual lawyer Solana (Cinthya Carmon) (Michael Hsu Rosen).

The love triangle involving Chelsea, Grant, and Claire, who would never intentionally injure each other, was how the show came to an end. As Chelsea and Claire finally have an equal relationship in which they support one another, and Grant appears to have come to terms with Claire not feeling the same way about him, we could have seen the love triangle between them develop further in the following season, and it would also be the ideal time for the conflict to occur.

But now that he is aware of her sentiments, things may change for him, and he may also alter his mind about Chelsea. We may have seen the answers to these questions, but since the second season isn’t coming, the mystery will remain unsolved.

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