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Meltdown: Three Mile Island- Season 1 review, season 2 release date

Meltdown: Three Mile Island is a documentary based on the nuclear leakage incident that happened on Three Mile Island, near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The director Kief Davidson examined the incident very closely through sources like news footage and interviews of local people and various other sources. The near-disaster was traumatic for many people as people explained the incident to Kief. 


There is been no incident regarding nuclear power plants until this Three Mile Island incident, as newly online Reactor 2. The pressure and temperature in Reactor 2 rose eventually causing the issue, meanwhile, people working in the plant had no idea what was causing the temperature to rise so much. Kief Davidson interviewed a man named Richard Parks, who was the whistle-blower of the disaster saving the lives of thousands and notifying the state government and Metropolitan Edison about the disaster. 

9Metropolitan started keeping the incident under the rags and kept lying to state officials that everything is under control when it wasn’t. As the state was in the dark, they kept assuming that they have everything working just fine. 

What do we expect from a documentary? A detailed explanation of the near-disaster incident that happened in our lifetime. The documentary must unfold some secrets that were not public till now, and the Three Mile Island series does exactly that. 

Hearing the incident again from the perspective of the citizens living around is way better than hearing it from Jimmy Carter, who is seating in the Oval Office, thinking about the Panama Canal, not giving a second thought to, “if Three Mile Island is even part of US soil.”  

The efforts of Davidson in direction pay off as specific scenes in the control room are of the elite class, there is no real-time footage of the inside of the plant when the workers were trying to figure out what was wrong, how are pressures so high, and how to fix the problem. The scenes inside the plant are intense and well directed by Davidson. 

Season 2: 

The first season of Three Mile Island on 4 May 2022, 7the first season had 4 episodes in it with each episode lasting approximately 45-50 minutes. For the second season, there has been no official announcement about season 2 of the show but if looked at the IMDb rating, the show has around 6.8/10 ratings, the rating is satisfying, if not the best. The series performed very nice till now and I hope we get to see another season of the same. 

Giving a review of this show, one fan said,” Just finished TMI. Honest Opinions: I’ve seen Netflix suck with every series and I wouldn’t call it a bad series I’ll call it a gem of a series, it is like Netflix’s Helios comet. This type of series. This series teaches us about how TMI was an incident to remember and how it could have been worse than Chornobyl.” 

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