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Kami Kuzu Idol Episode 2: Everything is changed by Yuya! Check out! 

Kami Kuzu Idol Episode 2: Everything is changed by Yuya! Check out! 

Yuya finally discovers a means to handle his fans and the strict manner in Kami Kuzu Idol Episode 2. Yuya had difficulty handling his work. He assumed it would be simple to become a Hero and earn money skillfully. 

Kami Kuzu Idol Episode 2: Everything is changed by Yuya! Check out! 

But it wasn’t real. Being a Celebrity was a difficult thing. He had to rehearse hard and keep up as lively as apparent to keep up their lovers’ dear. Still, shortly things shift. 

Presently he will appreciate his moment as an Idol, appreciation to Asahi. She will enable him to handle his job. While Asahi will employ this chance to fulfill her ambition, Yuya will utilize it to avoid training and other aspects. His director will also be shocked by his attitude. 

What will happen next in Kami Kuzu Idol Episode 2? 

Eventually, after a year, Asahi performed in the theater thanks to Yuya, and everyone was pleased to see Yuya in a high mood. Shortly Yuya’s stock set was bought, and a lot of people were influencing him. 

They were pleased to discern this modification in him. But only he realized how this went on. Yuya will inquire Asahi to dwell with him and utilize his body to perform in front of others. 

It will assist Yuya to celebrate the Idol lifestyle and cash. He doesn’t wish to pursue the strict routine rather than Yuya, Asahi will help with it, and it will enable him to earn more popularity.

Their deputy director Hitomi Shinano will be shocked to discern this and wonder how Yuya improved this much. She will talk to Yuya, and he will behave like he knew what she was trying to tell him, and presently he will struggle hard to increase his fans’ affection and awareness. 

Yoshino will be pleased to listen to this, and they will be ready for another performance. On the other hand, Yuya will begin to understand Asahi more. He will search for her, and they will begin again to pact nearer.

What happened in the previous chapter? 

kami kuzu idol episode 1 started up with Yuya Miyako and Yoshino performing. Yoshino was in a great mood and motivated everyone to keep up with them for their second performance, but Yuya wasn’t on the true journey. Yoshino inquired Yuya to say something to his buffs, and rather than motivating them, he put on a lame answer. 

Kami Kuzu Idol Episode 2: Everything is changed by Yuya! Check out! 

Later understanding Yuya’s attitude, their assistant director Hitomi Shinano urged Yuya to change his attitude. Otherwise, she would oust him. Yoshino was worried, but Yuya didn’t care. He only liked to have simple money. But being a celebrity was difficult as he had to pursue a strict routine and exercise hard. So Yuya agreed to spend some time alone.

He was relishing his coffee when he listened to a voice. Yuya was astonished to discern a girl standing next to him. She was none other than Asahi Mogami, who inquired whether he could watch her. Yuya nodded yes and admired why she was inquiring about such a topic. Early on, he thought that possibly her team members taunted her a lot. 

Yuya seemed shocked but asked Yoshino to leave him lonely. Later, Asahi told Yuya how she disappeared, but she wished to celebrate being a celebrity despite what arose to her. They later arrived at a joint agreement. Presently Asahi could use Yuya’s core to execute as an idol.

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