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Big Timber Season 3, When Will It come out?

Netflix has recently announced that they are adapting a series that History TV had come up with. Season 2 of the series for the logging industry-related show Big Timber on July 13, 2022. The show takes its viewers on a tour of the logging industry. In season one, we saw Kevin Wenstob and his family as they collect lumber and transport it on Vancouver Island, Canada. With the addition of the new German Shephard, the second season was also packed with more drama, and higher stakes, second season they even got drama on water. 


Well, this series wasn’t always on Netflix, this series originally premiered on the History channel in 2020, the first season had 10 episodes, and the second season had 8 episodes. Well then Netflix announced that the new season of Big Timber will be coming out on Netflix, fans got delighted by the fact that Netflix adapted the show on their platform. 

A quick summary of the first part of the first season- In the first episode of Big Timber, we saw that Kevin got a 1 million dollars fine, which by any standard is a huge fine, also Kevin has to keep the business running, so he has to find the wood that will pay his and his crew’s bills. He finds a gold mine of lumber; he finds Cedar trees high up in the mountain. He needs to get as much Cedarwood out of there as possible. As it turns out, there is still ice frozen there. That’s how exciting it gets.  

High risks and high rewards are the overall game they are playing. If you saw this show on History TV, you won’t be disappointed by the next coming up season. This kind of series is also important as they tell us about the basic stuff like paper, these kinds of series are informative and conversation-provoking. If you watched series like Ice-Road Truckers and Below Deck on History TV growing up, then I recommend this to you.  


Fans are expecting very much from season 3, as giving a review, one particular fan said,” This show is nothing like those stereotypical tv shows they used to show on Discovery, this show has different challenges, I got a series to watch after the same stuff for almost 20 years, in this series, Kevin has new financial problems every episode, he takes straight forward decision when someone is not working properly, Kevin won’t think twice before firing the guy, I just love the character of Kevin. He is sweet, hard-working, and genius.” 


When will the Second Season come out? 

Netflix announced the return of this show, but there was no official release date for season 3 of the series, but it will come out very soon as some of our sources suggest. We just have to wait patiently for the wonderful season ahead.  

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