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Knights and Magic season 2, When can we expect the sequel? 

Knights and Magic is one of the very rare animes that get fame and fans in their first season itself, credit for it, can also be given to mangas which are good enough to adopt. We waited too many years since the first season premiered, when can we expect the second season? 


The Eight Bit studio adapted the Japanese light novel series into the anime Knights and Magic and the anime turned out very well, the fans seemed to love the anime, and after this kind of response, no producer will stop the anime to only disappoint the fans. 

A huge problem is Eight Bit is not have expected progress in the new season because there is a lack of source material. For a new season, they will either have to craft the story on their own or wait for more source material. I reckon that they will wait for more source material, and we may have to wait a few more years for new content. 

What is the plot about? 

The storyline starts as the main character of the Knights and Magic named Tsubasa Kurata was teleported into a strange world after being part of a big car accident, the world is almost like a fantasy world named the Fremmevilla Kingdom where Silhouette who are robots fight demons. 


Tsubasa is renamed as Ernesti Echevarria in the world who was born into a noble family with magical powers. He gets the help of twins called Archid and Adeltrud Olter who help our hero to create his knight to protect the kingdom 

When Can We Expect Knight’s and Magic Season 2? 

We cannot confirm a release date. There’s no date from the production house itself but some people think that it will come out in 2022 or 2023. 

What is ‘Knight’s and Magic’? 

The Anime lovers who like their anime are not too 5violent as I like my coffee (not too strong), The Knights and Magic perfect alternative for them. Knights and Magic is a light Japanese novel. This novel was firstly published on the internet as a novel in 2010. The writer of the original novel is Hisago Amazake-no. 

After publishing on the internet, it caught the attention of the readers, and soon it was released as a print-form light novel by Shufunotomo. Takuji Katō transformed the light story into Manga, and Square Enix published it. Eight Bit produced the anime show based on the story in 2017. 


The show produced by Eight Bit ran the first season from July to September 2017 featuring 13 episodes in total.  

A manga community called MyAnimeList receives 7.28 to the show from around 50000 viewers. 

The storyline proceeds with Ernesti “Eru” Echavalier who is the hero of the story and lives in an alternate world where giant robots exist. In the previous lives, the kid was a programmer named Tsubasa Kurata. 

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