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Everything we know about the upcoming fourth season of ‘The Boys’ on Amazon Prime Video

New Supes has been added to The Boys season 4, and the actors and writers have strongly hinted that production for the popular Amazon Prime Video series will start later this summer.

How to include There is plenty to be thrilled about after The Boys season 3 ended, which upended the status quo. Even though there are still unresolved questions concerning The Boys season 4, we’ve put up a guide to everything we know thus far. That includes a discussion of the impending spin-off as well as casting-related news and release date rumors.

Everything we know about the upcoming fourth season of 'The Boys' on Amazon Prime Video

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When will the fourth season of The Boys debut?

We are unable to provide an exact release date for the next season because the program only recently announced Season Four on June 10. The season’s premiere is most likely going to occur between the summer of 2023 and the spring of 2024, though, considering historical wait durations between seasons.

However, we do know that production will start on August 22nd later this month thanks to Karl Urban (Billy The Butcher). The upcoming season of Homeland was previewed in a few recent postings by Antony Starr, aka Homelander. Additionally, Starr posted images of himself and Chase Crawford, his co-star in the television series The Boys. He captioned a picture on Twitter with the phrase “Back in Toronto,” where the program is taped.

What will the fourth season be about?

Based on several big revelations from the Season Three finale, we have some educated estimates. The first concern is Ryan’s position about Billy the Butcher and Homeland. Ryan, a child of Homelander and Butcher’s ex-wife Becca, is shown in the finale to choose Homelander over Butcher. The boy’s fate, or more directly, whether he will be corrupted, remains to be seen. In the most recent episode, Ryan is one of the numerous viewers who smiles while watching Homelander assassinate a Starlight fan in open daylight. Given that Butcher promised Becca he would keep Ryan safe, there is still a lot to learn about this subject, especially given that Butcher now only has a maximum of 18 months to live.

Fortunately for us, Eric Kripke, the show’s creator, talked openly about the narrative of the upcoming season. Because if Homelander succeeds in rearing and influencing the kids, that’s essentially a second Homelander with cataclysmic stakes, he said, “A lot of the season will be a war over Ryan.”

For our benefit, the show’s creator Eric Kripke was frank about the storyline of the forthcoming season. He explained, “A lot of the season will be a fight over Ryan,” since if Homelander is successful in raising and influencing the kids, that’s effectively a second Homelander with catastrophic stakes.

Everything we know about the upcoming fourth season of 'The Boys' on Amazon Prime Video

A Spinoff Is It Coming?

It appears like The Boys Cinematic Universe will continue to grow. It is official that The Boys Presents: Varsity, the latest spinoff for The Boys, is on the way.

The new program will be held in the only superhero school in America, Godolkin University School of Crimefighting, run by Vought International. A brand-new, young superhero team will be followed as they set out on their incredible adventure and compete for the greatest contracts. We can anticipate a rather impressive cast to lead the program, even if a release date has not yet been determined. For The Boys spinoff, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Jaz Sinclair, Sean Patrick Thomas, Marco Pigossi, and other actors have all signed on.

In addition, there may be a crossover between the two programs. Kripke acknowledged that a crossover between the two is very probable in a statement to Deadline.

“There is a crossover, and we’re trying our best to design a universe that sees some of the issues and storylines in Season Three hand off to the first season in Varsity, he added. For example, that season has a presidential campaign going on in the background, and certain events at the school are both in response to Season 3 of The Boys. Soldier Boy is present, among other things, but that season of the spinoff is also establishing some new plotlines that we must catch up with and continue in Season 4 of the program.”

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