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Chicago P. D. Season 10 coming in September 2022, What can we expect?

About Show

Very much beloved show by fans, Chicago P.D. is about to enter its 10th season. Fans have been watching this show for 9 seasons, the show has something in it to keep fans with it for so long 2

Chicago PD is about the Chicago police department’s special intelligence unit that solves crimes around Chicago and keeps the citizens of Chicago safe, the series is all about the adventure, the thriller of solving crimes. The die-hard fans of the series are very excited for the new season as they will binge-watch the whole new season as the last season was left on very much a cliff-hanger.  

With the basic plot of Chicago P.D. shown as the show defining itself as a police drama based on officers of the Chicago Police Department’s elite intelligence unit, the basic storyline follows as police officers of this unit chasing crimes around the city, crimes such as organized crime, drug-trafficking, high-profile murder and much more. 

The story has Chicago P.D. Sgt. Hank Voight is the main face of the unit, battling enemies at ground zero 

3As I said fans are crazy over this show, one of the gave these reviews on the show,” One thing I love about Chicago P.D. is, it is more realistic than some real-world cop cases, cops in Chicago P.D. have real leads, they follow leads, the leads are sometimes bad, so they chase the person who gave them the false lead when in a suspicious scene, they immediately call for backup. When the cops get shot, they don’t go and be heroes, they request emergency backup, and the backup takes about a realistic amount of time to arrive. All cops in the unit are equally important in the show, the story of this show doesn’t go like one cop goes versus an entire cartel and somehow kills all of them, so he gets promoted and goes on missions constantly. The story of this show is realistic and that is why I like to watch the show till season 9 and so on.”   


Chicago P.D. Season 10 Release Date    

Season 10 is surely not coming on NBC as confirmed by sources. The first episode of Chicago PD season 10 will be premiered on 21st September 2022, Wednesday on 10 pm. 

 In the previous season, the PD took an intelligence case against Jose Zúñiga, which took its turn as Jason Beghe found the criminal who was bleeding, that criminal revealed some information that caused conflicts between the unit. 

 The Plot of the Season 10 is yet unspoiled despite several attempts by fans to spoil it, no details are released except behind the scene photos of season 10, fans are coming up with their theories according to the photos. 

As Kevin Atwater actor LaRoyce shared a photo with Patrick Flueger and Jesse Lee Soffer in uniform, a fan presented a theory that one of the men is supposed to get a promotion and all of them are heading to Anna’s funeral. Dante played by Aguilar is supposed to take on a bigger role next season. 

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