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Are You The One Season Two Cast: Who Are They Right Now? Find Out Which Couples Are Dating!

Are You the One, an MTV reality dating series, is in its second season. the release date was October 6, 2014. There is eleven female but only 10 male candidates this season, in contrast to the previous season, where one contestant has two matches. The honeymoon suite would be reserved for the three-way couple who moved in first. The other girl would have to go home without anything. But only if one of those two matches was verified in the Truth Booth did this hold.Are You The One

Plot Synopsis

In the largest dating experiment ever conducted, 11 single women were chosen and subjected to a thorough pairing process to locate 10 single men who are the ideal fit. All 20 contestants are currently residing in Puerto Rico and trying to determine who is their match. If they succeed, they will share the greatest cash award in MTV history—$1,000,000—and live together. But there’s a twist this season. As a double match for one of the guys, an additional girl will move into the house. Going 10 for 10 means going home without love or money for one girl, so it’s a race to the Truth Booth for her. The problem is that one of the participants is double matched with an additional girl, who is number 11.

Viewers at home are curious about what has become of the stars of the Netflix series Are You the One.

Netflix has added several reality dating series to its expanding library of original episodes, movies, and special programs during the past few years. Every viewer will find something to like on the global streaming platform, which features shows including Too Hot to Handle and Love Is Blind.


Let’s find out if certain couples stayed together and where they are today after the show. Not all Season 2 participants are featured in this article.


As a matching couple, Pratt and Paris underwent one of the show’s most thrilling trips. In week four, they officially declared themselves to be the perfect match. The two, however, are thought to have split up sometime between the reunion episode and the finale’s production.

For updates on Pratt’s personal life, follow him on Instagram at @tylerjohnpratt and Paris at @pariseike.


Despite being a no-match couple, Christina and Brandon’s marriage held strong during the series’ filming. However, their relationship ended quickly, and as of 2020, they are no longer together. Since then, Christina has fallen in love with someone else. To see what Brandon has been doing, follow him on Twitter at @tindel10.


In season two of Are, You the One, Jenni and Curtis discovered love despite being a no-match couple. Even more amazing is the fact that the couple is still together six years after their first TV appearances. They frequently exchange lovely photos of one another. Both @jenniknapmiller and @curtishadzicki can be found.


On the show, Alex and Jasmine were a perfect match couple who bonded right away. They were regarded as yet another power couple, and many viewers wished their romance would endure off-screen. But after the series production was done, the two decided to split up. Jasmine clarified why the long-distance relationship between her and Alex didn’t work out in the reunion episode.


In Are You the One season 2, Dario and Ashley were another endearing and beloved couple. The MTV series’ episode 10 changed their status from being a no-match couple to a perfect match, which made both Dario and Ashley pleased and appreciative. But will they still be a couple in 2022?

A sad no. Dario went on with another female after the two broke up. He has a profile on Instagram with the account @dario.medrano, where you can see pictures of him and Nathalie Barrera. Ashley’s status as a single woman is currently unknown.

Where can I find the second season of Are You The One?

You may watch Are You The One in its entirety on Paramount+. Keep in mind that access to the reality series requires a membership. If you want to see the whole list of the perfect matches from Are You The One seasons 1 through 4, be sure to return to Netflix Life after watching those seasons.

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