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Amber Brown season 1: Bonnie Hunt Special

Paula Danziger is the author who brought the idea of Maber Brown on paper in 9 book series, the books were all about a middle-school girl who was stuck between the unstable relationship of her dad and mom, the character of Amber Brown is portrayed as very smart and creative. We can’t define Amber Brown in some category, but she is known for being trusted and loyal to her friends and family. Paula Danziger passed away on July 8, 2004. Now, Comedian Bonnie Hunt has come up with a TV series adaptation of the books. 


The character of Amber Brown is played by Carsyn Rose, Amber Brown is what this series is based on and Carsyn Rose is doing wonders in the character, the charisma of Carsyn Rose is doing wonders. The emotions are on point. 

 What is Season 1 all about? 

The story is about the everyday story of Amber Brown as she is about to enter middle school. The next-door friend of hers Justin being moved away, and a new family moved in their place, and Brandi Colwin named a very talkative child tries to be friends with Amber, Brandi kind of saves Amber when a school bully Hannah Burton confronts Amber, then Brandi gave her introduction to Amber like,” Brandi with an I” 


At this moment, the family situation of Amber doesn’t look good, as Sarah and Philip, her mother and father have divorced, and Sarah started dating a guy named Max, Philip is currently living in Paris, but Philip is planning to move in the town is one good news for Amber. 

The two things that make this series unique and different from other kids’ shows, are the writing of Bonnie Hunt and the second one is Carsyn Rose’s brilliant character play. Bonnie Hunt is a comic whose work in sitcoms goes severely underrated, Bonnie’s shows are funny as well as humble. 


The character of Amber Brown is shown as an introvert, an alone girl, with merely 2-3 friends. She is fine being on her own. The sequences written and displayed by Hunt are a piece of work in themselves. None of the scenes feel forced on us when watching. A show which can be enjoyed with the parents.  

Why should you watch Amber Brown? 

A sweet family sitcom showing the life of a smart child who’s trying to figure her life out as life takes new turns, wouldn’t that be something you want to watch on Saturday night with your son Mike and your wife Jesse? 


In the addition, Bonnie Hunt gives small references like Amber wearing a David Bowie shirt and Justin wearing shirts of bands like The Kinks and The Rolling Stones which is something adorable and is something that should be appreciated more. 

I say stream it with your family and tell us how was your experience. 

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