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Will Kdrama Remarriage And Desires be back with Season 2, check release date here

The most recent Korean drama to be made available on Netflix is called Remarriage And Desires. This particular show focuses on soapy melodrama and steamy affairs. Whether you’ve already completed watching this one, you may be wondering if it will continue airing in the future or if it will be canceled.

The story of Remarriage and Desires revolves around the murder of a man called Nam-Sik, the widow of whom, Hye-Seung, discovers that her husband’s killer, Yoo-Hui, framed him for the murder. Matchmaking firm Rex, which caters to the highest-profile and most affluent clients, including Yoo-Hui and Nam-Sik, has found itself in the thick of all of this drama. War breaks out between these two ladies as soon as Hye-Seung decides to get involved as well. At the time that this article was written, the television show Remarriage & Desires had not been given a renewal for a second season.

Will Kdrama Remarriage And Desires be back with Season 2, check release date here

However, taking into consideration how it ended, there is most definitely room for a continuation of this story in the form of a series. Before renewing a program, Netflix will often evaluate it based on several different metrics, one of which is the drop-off rate every episode. Other metrics that are taken into consideration include the total number of viewers who first started watching the show. For certain programs, the decision to terminate or extend their contracts is made rather fast (ala. Squid Game, Bridgerton & Irregulars). In other instances, it may take Netflix many months before making a judgment on the continuation of a program.

Up to this point, Remarriage & Desires has been met with a generally positive response from both the media and the public at large, with many individuals proclaiming their undying love for this melodramatic makjang. When compared to other soap operas, such as Penthouse and Sky Castle, this one doesn’t quite measure up to the competition.
Having said that, Netflix has a fairly solid track record when it comes to renewing its Korean series. Recently, several of our favorite television shows, like All of Us Are Dead, Love Alarm, Squid Game, and others have been given fresh seasons. Taking all of this into consideration, we are going to venture a guess and predict that this will be picked up for a second season.

Granted that Netflix has not yet given the go-ahead for a second season of the show, there is very little information available about it at this moment. It is reasonable to believe that Yoo-Hui will play a significant role in the progression of this plot if the streaming giants decide to continue this one, and there will almost certainly be a great deal of conflict involving Hye-Seung. Despite all of these issues, we are presuming that Netflix will decide on this topic in a very short amount of time. The production of a second season is something that we are confidently anticipating. If new information becomes available, we will make every effort to revise and update this page.

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