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The “Superstore” showrunners reveal what would have happened in season 7.

The Superstore showrunners recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about what would have occurred if the series had remained on NBC after six seasons. When Jonathan Green and Gabe Miller learned that Season 6 would be the last of the ensemble comedy series set at a big-box retailer in St. Louis, Missouri, they were nearly halfway through the season. To accommodate the short time they had to tie up the lives and loves of the employees at the Cloud 9 shop, Green and Miller had to omit certain tales and modify others.

Season 7 was supposed to “really embrace the concept that Dina (Lauren Ash) and Garrett (Colton Dunn) were a true, loving relationship and simply explore what that looked like for the two of them,” according to Miller. That seems to be an entertaining setting for some romantic and humorous tales.

The "Superstore" showrunners reveal what would have happened in season 7.READ MORE: Titane: The Most Horror Movie

Green noted that the satirical shop announcer Garrett’s final destination would also be revealed in Season 7.

Despite claims to the contrary, Green and Miller modified what occurred to Glenn (Mark McKinney), the clueless and sincere manager, despite having intended for Cloud 9 to become a hybrid fulfillment facility and physical shop.  We joked about getting rid of our co-managers and putting Glenn in charge of the store’s in-person sales and Dina in charge of its fulfillment center. half of the business and dividing some of our personnel to see how that goes in season 7. “A wall rising and separating the store would have been the last scene of the season,” remarked Miller. Despite being a part of our initial plan, we only changed that for the series finale.

In the true epilogue, Glenn recruits Mateo (Nico Santos) and Cheyenne to work in his father’s hardware business (Nichole Sakura). Sandra (Kaliko Kauahi), Marcus (Kelly Schumann), and Justine (Jon Barinholtz) remained employed by Dina, who oversaw the fulfillment center. Sandra was a different character who would have gotten more screen time if Superstore had the seventh season. “We still believed there was a lot more to mine from Sandra becoming a mother, even just seeing what she’s like as a parent,” Green said.

Even though the program ended sooner than intended, the showrunners stated they are happy with the universe they created by mining the retail grind for humor, regardless of what may have been. Green said, “I suppose we could mention things [to study] for every character.” We had only lately realized their potential. In many respects, it was a dream experience. We consider ourselves extremely happy to have spent six seasons with these people and this incredible group.

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