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The Letter For The King Season 2-Release Date, Reviews, and All Other Updates Available

In March of last year, the fantasy coming-of-age series The Letter for the King made its Netflix debut. Will Davies adapted and created the series, which was based on Tonke Dragt’s 1962 Dutch novel De brief voor de Koning. After a prince threatens the safety of the kingdom of Dagonaut, Tiuri (Amir Wilson), a teenage squire, embarks on a perilous voyage to deliver a vital message to the king. Though first hesitant to continue on the journey, and only after being persuaded to do so by a dying knight, Tiuri quickly realizes he doesn’t have much of a choice but to proceed with the voyage – fortunately, he meets allies along the road to assist him. And, along the way, Tiuri becomes embroiled in a prophecy about a hero who would vanquish the harsh ruler and restore peace to Dagonaut.

There are only six episodes in The Letter for the King’s first season, and the season 1 finale ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. The way the first season ended suggests that there may be more episodes in the future for the show. What is currently known about a prospective second season is listed below.

The Letter For The King Season 2-Release Date, Reviews, and All Other Updates Available

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When will The Letter for the King’s second season be available?

The Letter for the King has not yet received a second season renewal from Netflix, and it is unknown when this decision will be made public. Even though the first season of COVID-19 was published more than a year ago, almost every film or television production has been altered, so the apparent glacial response isn’t always a bad thing.

Thaddea Graham, who portrays Iona and is one of the show’s stars, discussed the state of The Letter of the King with Digital Spy in March of this year. Regarding a potential second season, Graham noted: “Neither a yes nor a no has been given. I suppose it’s wonderful that it hasn’t been a flat-out no, and I believe we would all go back—I mean, who wouldn’t want to go back and play with swords and ride horses?”

Graham added that she believes there is “a lot to explore” in the show’s narrative, so perhaps we will learn something soon about the show’s future.

The Letter For The King Season 2-Release Date, Reviews, and All Other Updates Available

Who will appear in The Letter for the King’s second season?

With a few exceptions, we can probably anticipate seeing all of the key performers return if The Letter for the King receives a second season. Jonah Lees’ character, Jussipo, is stabbed during a brawl and ultimately loses his life. The main adversary and vicious royal Prince Viridian (Gijs Blom) is also absent from the scene since Lavinia, the heroine of the prophesy, beat him (Ruby Ashbourne Serkis).

All of the other important characters, with the exception of Jussipo’s tragic passing and Viridian’s cathartic fall from grace, are still in good health, including our primary character Tiuri. Tiuri joins Lavinia, an aspiring cartographer who is trying to escape being married off to a wealthy family, on the trek to deliver the letter, and the two of them end up becoming allies. Soon after joining the quest, Iona (Thaddea Graham) turns against the group by allying with their adversaries, the Red Riders. In addition, Foldo (Jack Barton), Arman (Islam Bouakkaz), and the — now deceased — Jussipo remain loyal pals.

All of the primary cast members, whose characters survived the first season, are probably going to return for a hypothetical season two.

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