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Star Trek Picard Season 2 -Review, spoilers and everything you need to know


Here we are doing a review of another potential franchise3 that got destroyed by their sequel. Picard recently came up with season 2 for their fans and as I said, it got the fans disappointed. The first season had a great storyline, the second season was as bad as rotten tomatoes for a lunch. There was no narrative in the story, I wonder if the writers knew where the story will lead. 

Nothing is resembling even a figment of a cohesive narrative, with the season’s entire plot arc failing to establish any sort of dominant direction. I haven’t even started with the review yet. The show picks up with Jean-Luc Picard resurrecting himself in a synthetic body and making his wine business grow. When it comes to business, it was interesting to see that Picard had his marketing, design, and shipping but no signs of the trade practices.  


After rebuffing the affections of his Romulan refugee friend Laris, whose husband has passed on, Picard accepts a mission from Starfleet to investigate a temporal phenomenon pumping out a distress call with his name attached to it. He boards the newly fitted USS Stargazer, which is now captained by Chris Rios, to investigate. 

Well then randomly a mysterious masked Borg Queen comes through a Borg Ship to Stargazer bridge to seize control of the fleet. But Picard being Picard, orders auto-destruct and kill everyone on board than giving up on the Stargazer bridge. 

When Picard wakes up, he finds himself in an alternate future where he is a genocidal military commander working for the Confederation of Earth with some of his friends in the same future. This was just another try to make the story longer with more characters. 

Star Trek Picard Season 2 -Review, spoilers and everything you need to knowThe only good thing to happen in this season was actor John de Lancie being Q. Q is a God-like entity. John de Lancie steps into the Q character as if it was meant to be played by him. Q’s only concern left in the world is getting rid of Picard and his friends, Q is also near death because the all-powerful gods can suddenly do that also. 

Now Orla Brady who plays Laris in both seasons is also playing Tallinn who is a watcher, whose job is to look for Picard’s old ancestor called Renee. 

Here is some interesting observation, writers of season 2, Christopher B. Derrick, Juliana James, Matthew Okumura, Kiley Rossetter, Terry Matalas, Cindy Appel, Jane Maggs, and Christopher Monfette are all inexperienced writers, these writers are not even close to the season 1 writers’ team. I feel bad how the tables have turned in just one season. Fans, particularly, I had better expectations from the franchisee, I’m Disappointed. But is there still something left in the franchise? 

Let’s hope, there is. Till next time 

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