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Are There Any Plans for a Second Season of Rookie Cops?

Fans are wondering whether Season 2 of the South Korean drama “Rookie Cops” would be produced as the show concluded on the highest possible note. In addition to making us laugh, the play also taught us the value of friendships while taking us on a voyage unlike any other. The death of Yoon Dae was one of the biggest surprises, even if the finale was certainly something to remember. No one anticipated that Yoon Dae’s departure would have such a significant effect on us at first, but it did. He had a fantastic level of character development.

The Rookie Cops’ trip was an interesting one, with each contributing to the plot in some way. Even when things aren’t going well, the characters’ quirky personalities help to make it memorable. Now, fans, like ourselves, are clamoring for a Season 2. You can’t blame them; the show served as a great stress reliever and we would all sincerely appreciate another season.

Are There Any Plans for a Second Season of Rookie Cops?

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The cast of Rookie Cops Season 2

Since there are no updates on Season 2, let’s look at the Season 1 cast of Rookie Cops. Wi Seung Hyeon, a rigorous yet jovial student who placed first on his second attempt at the college admission exam, was portrayed by Kang Daniel. Go Eung Gang, who exudes an outgoing attitude and stands up for what is right, was portrayed by Chae Soo Bin. Han Na, a student who at initially doesn’t get along with other university students, was portrayed by Park Yoo Na. But over time, she picks up new information as Min Do Hee portrays Woo Joo Young, a scientific nerd who aspires to work in the forensic division.

On the other hand, Lee Shin Young assumed the identity of Kim Tak, a judo competitor who eventually fell in love with Shin Ah Ri. Yoon Dae II was performed by actor Park Sung Joon. His persona first came across as carefree, but as the episodes went on, his serious side emerged, earning the audience’s trust. Shin Ah Ri, who later on in the episodes develops into Kim Tak’s love interest, was portrayed by Cheon Young Min.

We would undoubtedly like to see all the characters return in their roles even if the show receives a Season 2. The characters in the series are all hilarious and have interesting traits that make them fascinating to watch.

Are There Any Plans for a Second Season of Rookie Cops?

Details about Rookie Cops season two streaming

Let’s look at the Season 1 streaming information as there has not yet been any word about a potential Rookie Cops Season 2. Every Wednesday, Rookie Cops Season 1 aired on Disney+. The drama used to have two episodes air on the same day each week.

The drama Rookie Cops is a breath of new air. This rom-com undoubtedly makes one’s heart grin and flutter at the same time, especially at a period when dramas of suspense, thriller and pure romance as a genre were filling up the watchlist.

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