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Who Do You Believe? Season 2, Trailer, Release Date, Everything You Need To Know


The crime thriller series ‘Who Do You Believe?’ aired on Hulu on 3 May 2022 in the United States, gives us more than entertainment for Saturday night, the series keeps two different perspectives in front of us. The audience is supposed to be the judge, the detective to solve the case there is in the particular episode, every episode provides us a new case, wouldn’t that be a nice brainstorming session for you and your wife after the kids are asleep? 

The show has 8 episodes namely Slain while asleep, What the sisters saw- Part 1, protector vs. Predator, Overwhelming Charity, Flag of Our Father, Dad’s Deadly Deeds, and Kill thy Neighbor. 

Each episode is around 1 hour long. Thomas Hatsious is the director of the show. The show is made as a parody of documentaries and crime and thrillers altogether.  

We will now take a quick look at the first episode of the series Overwhelming Charity’, 

In this episode, a couple, met online, he pays her house rent because she doesn’t have a job, and he encourages her not to have a job because he is capable of handling the expenses. Here is where the story takes a turn and the fights at the house begin immediately as he accuses his wife of cheating on him with her ex-husband, as the story develops, he tracks her car whenever she is not at home and whenever he tracks it, he finds the car is going in a particular house, and then he has a look at the phone bill and a phone number frequently popped up on the bill, and the accusations for him were confirmed. This one is the one side of the coin, and remember coin has 2 sides, her perspective of the story was told after around half-time have passed, and she speaks up about her side of the story as she explains that the guy made a murder attempt on her, her literal words were,” I think he tried to kill me”. Well, the story also says that the husband paid a total amount of 26 thousand dollars for her breast reduction surgery, and then it was told in the story that Charity, the wife, also got her breast implants. The husband had the most unique reaction to the implants and he said,” I don’t know, what happened”

Episode 1

 The narrator also tries to spice up the things in between the scenes as the narration in between says,” what do you think is Charity lying or is she correct?” when both are not right in their place


Shall We Expect Season 2?

Season one of this series ‘Who Do You Believe?’ turned out to be bad, IMDB rating for the season is 4.5/10and the series is particularly not loved by critics as some critics are saying,” first and second episodes were okay but the rest episode is bad.” 

If the directors have a chance to renew the series for a second season, they have to find some real stories that have the audience interested to the end of the episode, every episode must exceed the expectations of the previous episode as it is the only way that I see this series going on top of the charts in the streaming platform ‘Hulu’ 

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