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Northern Rescue Season 2- When can we expect the new Season

The Story So Far   

The Northern Rescue, a sweet, everyday, drama series based in Canada had a wonderful first season. In the first season, they kept emotions on the line, excitement on high, and episodes on a cliff-hanger. As the story starts to develop the family moves to Turtle Island after the sudden death of Sarah, the wife of John, who is played by Michelle Nolden. The first season left the family in several troubles. The next season will come up with many twists in their lives. They will be shown fighting with several difficulties and barriers in the path, and eventually winning over their fate!

What Can We Hope to See Next Season? 

In the first season, we saw how the family moved from a city like Boston to a small village like Turtle Island Bay which is the hometown of John West, after the shock of Sarah West’s passing. In the first season, there were many genuine family issues that the family was suffering from. In the second season of the series, we can expect some happy moments, and some sad moments, we can see the family coping with the problems they are having. As in the first season of this Canadian Family Drama, the secret of Sarah’s daughter, Maddie, that Maddie’s biological father is Rick Walker, and Rick was blackmailing Sarah for the same reason.  

In the second season, fans will expect to see the family handle this situation of Rick Walker  

Northern Rescue


The Cast

The cast of the show is William Baldwin, who acts as John, Kathleen Robertson, as Charlie Anders, Spencer MacPherson, behind the role of Scout West, Michelle Nolden, as Sarah West, and Evan Marsh as Henry in the show, Sebastien Roberts plays the role of Alex, The Gorgeous Amalia Williamson as Madelyn and Taylor Thorne as Taylor West.   

The chemistry between the cast is something that keeps us hanging to the series and the directors have kept us hooked on the story so I’m pretty much excited for Season 2 of the show, the deep but odd bonding between John, Scout, Taylor, and Madelyn is something to watch out for in the next season.  

Northern Rescue Cast

Season 1 of this series contains around ten episodes lasting around forty-four to forty-five minutes each.    

Is the Series Renewed by Netflix or CBC?  

Well, we have been waiting for an answer for like forever now and we are yet to receive an answer from Netflix as CBC production confirmed that they are very much unlikely to renew the mentioned series. Our only hope here is with Netflix. When TV journalist Esme Mazzao asked William Baldwin, also known as Billy, the main character of the show, if the show is being retrieved, he politely denied the rumor and had a twitter response of something like this, “Not that I know of … no.”   

As the story was left unfinished by the directors, we were expecting season 2 sooner but as things are looking now, we can only keep hoping for a season 2. 

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