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What is to be expected from Taboo Season 2

In today’s day and age, Steven Knight is a very active guy. Although the last episode of Peaky Blinders has been shown, there is still work to be done on the film adaptation of the crime thriller, as well as on Knight’s recently announced ska and two-tone music drama that takes place in Birmingham.


That does not, however, imply that one of his other projects, which has been in production since 2017, has been abandoned; in fact, we have just received a fresh update on the progress of the much-anticipated second season of Taboo.

What is to be expected from Taboo Season 2

As was first reported in Broadcast, Knight made an appearance at the Creative Cities Convention in Digbeth, Birmingham, where he confirmed that he is scheduled to meet with the show’s star and co-creator, Tom Hardy, the following week to discuss the next step the series will take. Hardy is also a co-creator of the show. According to Steven Knight, the second season of the show is beginning to take shape.


Knight said that both Tom Hardy and he are extremely excited about the upcoming season. A premiere date in 2023 may indicate that the next season won’t premiere until 2024; thus, let’s keep our fingers crossed that this drawn-out wait for more Taboo will soon come to an end. In the previous year, Hardy did provide an update on the continuation of the series, referring to it as “the next chapter.”


He stated that it is really important to him, and he went on to say that the writers and everyone else involved are experimenting with different ideas to create an incredible storyline and a thoughtful plot that will entertain all viewers and fans.


The first season of Taboo, which examined the seedier side of London in the 19th century and included guest appearances from the likes of Jessie Buckley, Oona Chaplin, and Stephen Graham, amongst others, was a big success with both viewers and reviewers.


On the other hand, there hasn’t been any news on the second season since it was ordered back in March of 2017, which took place several years ago.


It has been five years since the gruesome historical drama that aired on BBC One and starred Tom Hardy as James Delaney. The issue of availability was basically what stopped it in its tracks, which is why it has been shown on BBC One.


In a recent appearance at the Creative Cities Convention in Birmingham, Knight, who is also responsible for the creation of Peaky Blinders, said that he and Hardy are now working on putting the finishing touches on the second chapter of Taboo. Both the creators have roughly shared how they intend to make the project successful.


Needless to say, fans cannot wait for the second season. Indeed, the wait has been too long. The good news is that Knight has promised that he is finishing up the writing as soon as possible so that filming can begin earlier as well. An important factor that resulted in the delay is that Hardy went for a short hiatus after he and his wife, Charlotte Riley, welcomed their child in January 2019.


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