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No Regrets in Life Episode 7 Recap and Review: Misunderstanding Get Cleared But New Problems Arise

No Regrets in Life is a Taiwanese sentiment show TV series coordinated by Fung Kai and starring Annie Chen, Liu Guan Ting, Shih Ming-Shuai, Summer Meng, JC Lin, and Aggie Hsieh, close by other cast individuals. The series will be 13 episodes in length, airing new episodes every Saturday from June 18, 2022. No Regrets in Life episode 7 has a runtime of 70 minutes.

No Regrets in Life Episode 7 Recap contains spoilers-

No Regrets in Life episode 7 begins will Yu Han trying to find the whereabouts of Kai Xin from Yu Zhou yet falls flat. However, she isn’t prepared to surrender and furthermore informs Yu Zhou regarding her separation. Before long, Da Fang and Xin Rui get the two and attempt to inquire as to whether Yu Han is the justification for why their companion chose to leave the clinic. Be that as it may, Yu Zhou isn’t prepared to let them know anything which maddens Da Fang as she leaves.

No Regrets in Life Episode 7 Recap and Review: Misunderstanding Get Cleared But New Problems Arise

Yu Zhou receives a message from her beau however doesn’t answer because of her disappointment when she sees Wang Yan waiting to take her to Kai Xin’s home. Somewhere else, Da Fang is complaining to her companions about the manner in which Yu Zhou acted before. They then, at that point, a kid about how it is unimaginable for Da Fang and Kai to like one another, and however impacted by this she says nothing.

No Regrets in Life Episode 7 Recap and Review: Misunderstanding Get Cleared But New Problems Arise

Wang Yan and Yu Zhou are likewise having dinner when he asks her what made her agitated. She first lets out her opinions and afterward proceeds to spill reality with regards to Kai Xin’s unexpected solicitation for a release. She lets him know that it is associated with Yu Han whom he avoided due to his inferiority. She lets him know that she can’t impart it to the remainder of the Nine Sun and can’t acknowledge Yu Han since she is hitched, yet doesn’t have any idea what to say.

He doesn’t offer her an unmistakable response and lets her that they know all believe he should live well yet the meaning of life comes from the individual that we endeavor to live for. Before they can continue their discussion he receives a message from his companion which tells them that the two are being live-streamed again. The two love Wang Yan who needs an image with him.

Somewhere else, Bi Jia Da gets some information about a scene that he can’t get when she recounts to him a story to make him comprehend. She enlightens him regarding her experience as Yu Zhou’s flatmate when the last option would act like a princess while she would need to buckle down day in and day out. Every thoughtful gesture Yu Zhou showed her would feel more like a foundation which is the reason she deceived her about Wang Yan’s visit. Dou Kou then uncovers that her flatmate is non-other than the lady in the video he was watching-Ning Yu Zhou.

No Regrets in Life Episode 7 Ending

The following day, Yu Zhou lets her sweetheart know that she can come over the course of the end of the week to visit him on set, however looking at Dou Kou’s face he tells her not to come. Afterward, Xin Rui calls her and requests that she come for lunch, promising her that nobody will get some information about Kai Xin.

On the way there, Yu Zhou hears Da Fang talking on the telephone about how she lost her cash while investing and is in a serious financial emergency. Furthermore, it isn’t simply Da Fang’s cash that is the issue, yet additionally the cash of others. She then, at that point, recalls that Xin Rui will be giving her cash to invest and chooses to utilize it to repay where vital however Yu Zhou attempts to stop her.

Da Fang advises her to disregard everything that she said and right then Xin Rui shows up. At the burger place, Xin Rui attempted to ease up the mindset yet fizzles, so she takes out a check to provide for Da Fang. However, Yu Zhou stops her which drives Da Fang crazy as she detaches the check and tempests from that point.
On the film set, after a moving execution by Jia Da, Dou Kou chooses to leave him a message on his telephone when she sees Ning Yu Zhou calling him which leaves her staggered. The following day, while she attempts to keep away from him, Jia Da admits that Yu Zhou is his sweetheart.
A reverse takes us to when the gathering had made dumplings and Dou Kou was washing the dishes when Wang Yan shows up. He is sorry to her and assumes control over the errand while sending her back inside to rest.

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